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Surface: Surface water abundant (Roughly 80%)
Temperature Range:
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, oxygen, trace elements
Length of Day: 28 hours approx.
Length of Year: 460 Ramathian days
Life-Forms: Extensive vegetation, and animal life
Satellites: (3) Xabu, Cussla and Lelres

Although capable of space flight, the planet Ramath-lehi has chosen to limit its interaction with other alien races. Its rulers, perhaps ethnocentric, felt that it was best to remain a separate entity. So the universe around the planet continues to intermingle and flourish, while Ramath-lehi remains isolated in its bubble.

Considered to be an aloof planet by the majority of alien races, Ramath-lehi is decidedly content with its separatism. Trade between other races is sometimes conducted however it is rare. Instead the government of Ramath-lehi focuses intently on its own economy. Trade between Ramathian countries is high and the planet itself is rich in resources, life, and strong currency.

Trade is the strongest between the two countries Ajita, the machina-powered floating country, and Aurius, the country that lurks beneath the Sumundra sea.


Ramath-lehi is the most highly populated, and technologically advanced planet in the solar system. It is the homeworld of the Pendragons.

Countries of Ramath-lehi

The planet itself is divided into four hemispheres which house ten unique countries.

Northern Hemisphere

Eastern Hemisphere

Western Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere


World Maps