Therscatran Gate

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Therscatran Gate
Common Name: Therscatran Gate, The Gate
National Motto: '
Demonym: Gater, Gate Brat
Capital: n/a
Largest City: n/a
Official Languages Ramathian, Common
Currency: Khasi

Located amongst the asteroids of the vast Scatranis asteroid field, the Therscatran Gate is a testament of Ramathian innovation and integrity. While it may not be the most cohesive work that decorates the Ramathian space-scape, it is the most awe-inspiring. It was built over thousands of years using various components that have been manufactured and hauled up from Ramath-lehi and various other planets. The resulting look is a sort of otherworldly web of electronic components, corridors, vast gardens, and large containment areas that span hundreds of kilometres. Despite its somewhat decrepit and eccentric appearance, it is the preferred home of more than 600,000 Gaters, and can currently safely support up to a million and a half.

The Therscatran Gate lacks landing gear as well as major propulsion systems, which one would usually use to avoid certain disaster. Even though it is in the midst of an asteroid field, the Therscatran Gate maintains a steady orbit and makes use of simulated gravity, and superior shielding technology - supplied by the Adamaint Empire - which appears to seamlessly redirect asteroids around the haphazardly built structure. While the Therscatran Gate itself is protected from asteroid destruction, the paths that one takes to and from it are often perilous. Even hardened and experienced pilots have made severe miscalculations and have accidentally had their ships damaged and oftentimes destroyed. Any and all ships that are destroyed within the Scatranis asteroid field immediately become the property of the Therscatran Gate. The Gate then uses this salvage in order to reinforce and repair their own defences. Whenever a ship fails in the asteroid fields, it is usually met with a sombre nod and acknowledgement that the ship has contributed to the “Gater Circle of Life.” Extreme rescue measures are not usually taken to save ships from imminent demise, so it falls upon the ship’s crew to evacuate any doomed vessel and maintain life support until they may be picked up by another passing transport.

It is possible to travel to the Therscatran Gate using the Portal Transportation outpost node on Ramath-lehi’s moon Xabu. Unfortunately due to the nature of the asteroid field and planetary rotation, travel time can be sporadic at best. It is not uncommon for civilians to have to wait up to a month before being given clearance to access the travel node. This is because the time windows to use this particular portal are very slim, and priority is given to supplies being shipped to and from the Gate. The transportation node is linked directly to a massive holding unit in Sector 01 which civilians and cargo are then carefully filtered through. When travelling to the Gate, it is important to book your trip early. If time is of the essence, it is also possible to get to the Therscatran Gate by space ship. However there are not many captains who will willingly risk their lives by navigating through the asteroid field - specially for civilians. Be prepared to pay a steep premium price if looking to travel via ship.

Ramathians who have been born on the Therscatran Gate often refer to themselves as “Gate Brats”.


The Therscatran Gate is divided into four main Sectors: 01, 02, 03, and 04.

Sector 01 is the Gate’s primary docking bay. It is here where all ships must dock, as the rest of the Gate does not support ships docking and maintains that all newcomers to the Gate must first proceed through Section 01 where they must pass security clearance. When docking, the ship must request permission from a Therscatran Gate traffic controller. Once the Gate has run your ship’s registry, and determined that there is room for you, you will be directed to a specific docking bay. Many mechanics may also be found in the 01 sector, and it is not uncommon to hire someone to do general repairs and maintenance while you’re taking in the sights of the Gate. However, you must not leave your ship unattended. Any ship that is left unattended for more than 72 hours may be turned into salvage. Over the years, many unattended ships have been used to build and reinforce the structure of the Therscatran Gate. It is also recommended that you thoroughly research and get references from any company that you employ in order to service your ship. Not all mechanics are reputable, and it is not unheard of a ship being sabotaged instead of repaired. Use mechanics at your own risk. The Therscatran Gate is not responsible for any loss of property or life. Sector 01 is the largest of all of the sectors and spans the entire circumference of the Gate.

Sector 02 is the supplies and commercial district at the Gate. It is here that you may purchase new ships, wares, exotic gifts, unique pets, and services of all kinds. Whatever you are looking for, you are very likely to find it in Sector 02. It is also here that bounties are released to the public for freelance bounty hunters to pick up. While the majority of these bounty hunters have this information automatically sent electronically to them, you may often find a handful of bounty hunters hanging out in this sector in order to pick up both legal and illegal bounties. Sector 02 is just slightly smaller than Sector 03 in size.

Sector 03 is home to the majority of permanent Therscatran Gate residents, and the most centrally situated sector. It is also where most of the popular bars, night clubs, and entertainment areas may be found. Sector 03 has become a destination hot spot for those who like to party. Sector 03 also has additional shielding technology in case of failure of the outer shields. Twice a year a lockdown drill is held. During the drill, everyone is evacuated from the different sectors and brought to Sector 04. The Therscatran Gate finds this practise essential to maintaining a safe environment in the event of a disaster. The lockdown drill has been heralded as one of the largest life-saving measures during the Flux catastrophe.

Sector 04 is home to the largest USR military outpost. It is heavily reinforced, both from space, and the other Gate sectors. The military presence on Therscatran Gate is very high, and likely as a result, crime rates are relatively low. The USR gets along very well with the permanent residents of the Gate, and their presence on the space port is highly favourable. Despite a few minor tensions, the USR oversees much of the Sector 01 traffic. Many USR military personnel also have residential apartments within Sector 04, although some choose to live in Sector 03. Sector 04 is the smallest of all of the sectors. One of the many physical backups of the famed and incredibly useful PRIMUS database may be found deep within the secure walls of Sector 04.

The Flux and Therscatran Gate’s Sovereignty

During the disastrous events of the Flux, on Late Tessera 23, 81383, the Therscatran Gate was completely cut off from Ramath-lehi when the Portal Transportation System was disabled and all transportation to and from the Gate came to a screaming halt. No space-faring ships were allowed to venture to Ramath-lehi for supplies, nor were any new ships allowed to dock within Sector 01. The Gate was in complete lockdown mode.

The residents were completely cut off from the rest of society and had no way to communicate with Ramath-lehi, or vice versa. The days crawled by and turned into months. Originally the Therscatran Gate had been considered a state of Ajita, and all matters relating to its government and management had been decided by the faraway floating Ramathian country. On Mid Mia 14, 81385, after just over a year of no communication from Ramath-lehi, the Gaters fiercely began to take matters into their own hands. They declared sovereignty, feeling that it was ridiculous to have to wait for communications to resume with Ajita in order to conduct simple day-to-day life.

The declaration of sovereignty did not go over very well with the USR presence on the Gate. Tensions mounted and 63 Ramathians, the majority of which were military personnel, ended up dying in various brawls and confrontations. Another 347 were injured. Eventually things came to a resolution, although some tensions remained. The USR would continue to be allowed its presence in Sector 04 and oversee much of the Gates mechanical operations and security. However, the USR would no longer be allowed to dictate how resources were used, or make any decisions regarding the lives of those who call the Gate their home. Not wanting to further drive a wedge between the two factions, or risk being thrown off of the space port altogether, the remaining USR personnel were cooperative. When communications with Ramath-lehi resumed on Late Tessera 23, 81386, the Ramathian government was surprised to hear about the uprising that had happened at the Gate. The Gaters feared government backlash for what they had done, but were equally surprised when they were instead commended for their bravery in a difficult time.

A few treaties were signed and it was agreed that if the Therscatran Gate were to ever deny a USR vessel safe passage, or docking, that it would be seen as a declaration of war. On Late Tessera 11, 81387, the Therscatran Gate was officially recognized as its own country by the Ramathian government.

While there is still some tensions remaining between the Gaters and the USR, life on the Therscatran Gate is relatively peaceful. It is estimated to see a lot of growth since its separation from Ajita.


The Therscatran Gate was originally built around a Ramathian ship called the “Magosai Haujs.” Magosai Haujs was an enormous cargo ship that used to regularly make trips, carrying heavy loads - usually of rare minerals - to and from various planets. Unfortunately during one of its trips, it had severe complications that arose when bandits took control of the ship and it ended up being stranded in the Scatranis asteroid field. Over the years there were many heroic (albeit stupid) attempts made by young adventurers and thrill-seekers to retrieve the massive ship (as there were rumours that its cargo was a priceless mineral) however each one failed spectacularly.

Eventually retrieval efforts stopped and Magosai Haujs was forgotten and became a whispered rumour of treasure hunters. It wasn’t until Ramathians were thinking about building a space port that its name once again entered conversation. The Adamaint Empire argued that a space port built inside of the Scatranis asteroid field would be perfect, as it would have plenty of natural defences should the Rapine ever pose a threat to Ramath-lehi.

There was a lot of speculation at first as to whether or not a thing like that would even be possible. Yet the Ramathians were very optimistic, having just recently settled and colonized Xabu and were currently working on colonizing Cussla and Lelres.

With the support of the government and brand new Adamaint shielding technology, the construction of the Therscatran Gate began. Piece by piece it was carried out into space, and the massive Magosai Haujs was found and retrofitted into being the central hub. Over the years the Therscatran Gate grew enormously - both in size and popularity. The original plans and documentation were rewritten to incorporate more and more living areas, entertainment sectors, and businesses. Nearly all major businesses on Ramath-lehi are represented in some form on the Gate.

Despite many upscale businesses having permanent fixtures, the inhabitants on the Therscatran Gate are largely middle class in regards to the socio-economic scale. The Gate itself attracts Ramathians of all types, and most often the purveyors of fine goods. It is second only to Bhim for the wide variety of goods and services that may be found in Sector 02. The only downside is that they only accept payment in Khasi. Any attempt to pay for goods and services using any other means can get you reported to the local law enforcement officers.