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Days and Weeks

The length of a Ramathian Pui (day) is approximately 28 hours long. The hours are numbered from 00 (midnight) to 27, much like standard Military Time.

One Ramathian Paquite (week) is ten days long. It consists of a seven day work week and a three day Paquitten (weekend).

Day of the Week Day Type
1. Fespui (equivalent to Monday) Paquite (week)
2. Laipui
3. Jaspui
4. Penpui (middle of the week)
5. Jaipui
6. Lidpui
7. Fidpui (equivalent to Friday)
8. Gaipui (first day of the weekend) Paquitten (weekend)
9. Dympui
10. Nerpui (last day of the weekend)

Quarters & Holidays

There are 40 days in each Ramathian month.

Month Real Life Ramathian Holidays
Early Mia (Winter) December
Mid Mia (Winter) January
Late Mia (Winter) February Lybaj'tpui
Early Dyo (Spring) March
Mid Dyo (Spring) April
Late Dyo (Spring) May Redival
Early Tria (Summer) June Ahoner
Mid Tria (Summer) July Notek Festival
Late Tria (Summer) August Quangest
Early Tessera (Autumn) September
Mid Tessera (Autumn) October Tumhuem
Late Tessera (Autumn) November


The planet Ramath-lehi makes one full rotation around its sun once every 480 days.

Corresponding Out of Character Years

Each year at Shadowlack is equivalent to one year in real life.

Real Life Shadowlack
2015 Year 13 (81,389)
2014 Year 12 (81,388)
2013 Year 11 (81,387)
2012 Year 10 (81,386)
2011 Year 9 (81,385)
2010 Year 8 (81,384)
2009 Year 7 (81,383)
2008 Year 6 (81,382)
2007 Year 5 (81,381)
2006 Year 4 (81,380)
2005 Year 3 (81,379)
2004 Year 2 (81,378)
2003 Year 1 (81,377)
2002 Year 0 (81,376)

Time Terminology

Weather Conditions

Temperatures vary greatly from continent to continent on Ramath-lehi. Because of its position in relation to its sun, the climate on Ramath-lehi is significantly colder than that of Earth. However, most of its inhabitants are equipped with insulating fur of some manner, while those more susceptible to cold tend to populate the warmer equator regions.