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The topic of Ramath-lehi politics is often where many Ramathian scholars draw the line. Not only is this art (or science) of governing a lengthy historical topic; it is also a very dangerous one filled with deception, betrayal, blackmailing, murders, and bloody battles. Sometimes knowing too much in the world of politics can be the catalyst for an early death yet for others, it can be the beginning of a long and prosperous life.

The Council of Thirteen

As of Dyo 14th, 81380, Ramath-lehi is being ruled by a political force known as the Council of Thirteen. The Thirteen came into existence after the deaths of the previous Arch Magos and Magosai, Zamfir and Karryasa Grader.

Arch Magosai Karryasa Grader perished (Mia 48, 81379) during a magic mishap which left her soul ravaged and physical body consumed by the Nothing. In her absence, Zamfir Grader's health rapidly began to decline. Karryasa's and Zamfir's eldest daughter, Koani, swiftly inserted herself into a place of political power. She worked as Zamfir's "in between," picking up upon her father's duties. Eventually it became apparent that Zamfir wasn't getting any better. Koani started to develop some long term plans. She had Zamfir transfer his veto power to her, essentially becoming the sole ruler of Ramath-lehi overnight. Not too long after (Mia 22, 81380), Zamfir too died. An autopsy revealed that he had died from a heart attack, or as the media liked to say, a "broken heart."

The Thirteen, as their name implies, are comprised of thirteen unique individuals, each hailing from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Founded by Koani Grader, the Thirteen, unlike their predecessor, have "real" power. Koani, to the dismay of some of her colleagues, abolished her veto power. Instead of being the sole political ruler, she spread this power amongst herself and twelve other appointed individuals. The remainder of this power has been invested in an anonymous Councilperson whose identity still remains unknown to everyone save for the individual and Koani herself. This anonymous person acts as a "behind the scenes" president, steering the Council of Thirteen in hopefully what is the right direction.

The Thirteen

Position Councillor
Education Hart Demori (NPC)
Health Muerrin Djaam
Law & Justice Hainfor Jinorik
Military & Weaponry Open Position
Environment & Natural Resources Farlina Va
Public Relations (Propaganda) Open Position
Entertainment Saylon Maestii
Finance Koani Grader
Exploration & Colonization Galaxy Bittre (NPC)
Transportation Chibale Ronut (NPC)
Commerce Malvin Jethro
Sociology Zira Xas
Thaumaturgy Refsto Hydrus (NPC)

The Late Council of Twelve

Before the Council of Thirteen, Zamfir and Karryasa Grader maintained a Council of Twelve. It has long since been a Ramathian custom to have a Council of advisors. The Councilpersons all drew from different fields of work and were said to be relied upon to give their views and update the Graders on the current status of their specified areas.

The Council of Twelve was first formed by twelve leaders originating from twelve different competing tribes from all across the world. Council positions, since the beginning, have usually been passed on through blood ties and have been hereditary. It has not been unknown for the leaders in power to suddenly remove or kick out a current council member and appoint someone else in their place or for someone to actually be voted into a council position. Council Meetings were held on the 2nd of every quarter within the secure walls of the Council Chamber on Ajita.

Unfortunately, the Council of Twelve wasn't very effective. To the general public, they appeared to be a formidable force, providing Zamfir and Karryasa with much needed input. The Twelve were in fact merely figureheads, put in place by Graders in order to make it seem as if they were listening to the public's cries. Although both Zamfir and Karryasa's hearts were both in the right places, it can be said that sometimes their hands and heads were quite in the wrong.

Founding Families

  1. Grader
  2. Sun
  3. Dragyn
  4. Adamaint
  5. Janhyul

The Graders

No doubt you have already come across the Graders name on the web site before. The Graders are the former dictators of Ramath-lehi. Karryasa Jolten-Grader was the Arch Magosai. She was a very adept telepath with increasing ties to Fronima. Zamfir Grader was the Arch Magos. His strength lies in magic which uses Fronima as its source of power. The Graders came into power the Ramathian year of 81344. Their reign finally came to an end on Mia 22, 81380.

The common belief was that Zamfir Grader existed as a mere shadow puppet that Karryasa acted through and used to her advantage. Karryasa, being somewhat physically disabled, but extremely mentally capable, could easily use Zamfir and persuade him to do her bidding. Not much was known about their true relationship, other than the fact that they are mates and had eleven children over the span of their long marriage.

Despite misgivings, the Graders were actually quite fair and capable leaders. Their views pulled largely from a modified idea of communism. Communism, in its purist form is where everyone is working for everyone else.

The Dragyns

The Arch Magos and Magosai before Zamfir and Karryasa Grader were Sari and Thanos Dragyn. They were the victims of an unfortunate machina explosion that cost them their lives and put an abrupt end to their political reign. The Graders, having assisted the Dragyns throughout their reign (though some may say resentfully), quickly swept into power after their deaths and restored order to the distressed public.

Rumour has it that the late Sari Dragyn used to haunt Karryasa Grader's dreams.

The massive Dragyn family clan is now more so renown for their involvement in the Space Exploration and Colonization programme.