Karryasa Grader

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(Non-Player Character)
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Status: Deceased
Race: Pendragon
Gender: Female
Family and Heritage
Genealogy: Grader
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Lauren Jolten
Significant Other: Zamfir Grader
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Unknown

Karryasa Jolten Grader (Dyo 32, 81272 – Mia 48, 81378) was the reigning Arch Magosai of Ramath-lehi between the years 81343 and 81378. Karryasa was widely known and feared for her mental prowess. From a young age it was apparent that her ties to Fronima were immensely strong and that she had off the chart mental capabilities. These mental abilities ranged widely, from simple telepathy and telekinesis, to more manipulative abilities such as suggestion and puppetry.

  • A common rumour is that Karryasa was controlling her husband, Zamfir Grader with her telepathic abilities.
  • The late Sari Zeb Dragyn was also believed to have talked to Karryasa in her sleep, haunting her.
  • It was also rumoured that she could see directly into Fronima with her maimed left eye.

Karryasa's exact lineage is unknown. It wasn't until she abruptly began dating Zamfir Grader that she started to become noticed. It is believed that she was just a simple commoner with a modest background. Her only known relative was a winged thill by the name of Lauren Jolten. Karryasa had eleven children with Zamfir: Koani, Alice, Josie, Shag, Lupus, Sean, Ryan, Rodney, Tyotie, Sara, and Rachelle.

On Mia 48, 81378, Karryasa met her untimely end. It was reported that her physical being was thrust into the Nothing and that a fragment of her mind was split off into Fronima. Shortly after Karryasa's death, Kakosenas Shriker was accused and charged of the murder by Koani Grader. However, evidence was not produced on time and the charges were dropped. Regardless of the exact circumstances, Karryasa's presence on Ramath-lehi came to an end.