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Laws and Illegal Activities

Things that are illegal, or that are surprisingly not illegal.


Discrimination based upon gender, gender expression, sexuality, religion, creed, or race is illegal on all of Ramath-lehi.


It is illegal to own slaves or participate in any sort of slave trade on Ramath-lehi. The punishment for breaking this law is very severe and often results in a lifetime of imprisonment. Unfortunately there is still some opposition to this law, namely from those of Anubi decent who still regularly attempt to take slaves into their services. They attempt to circumvent this law by ensuring that their “slaves” sign contracts that waive their rights and instead try to give off the impression that those working for them are doing so voluntarily. Despite hard battles, many arrests, and heavily worded legislation, it has been next to impossible to completely abolish the underground Anubian slave trade.


It is illegal to clone another living being outside of a government sanctioned workplace. Cloning research may only be done by authorized personnel. In the event that two or more Ramathians legitimately come into existence without the use of cloning (e.g. identical twins or triplets that share the same D.N.A.), they will have their genetic material slightly altered in order to present as genetically unique. This is done so that they will be able to be seen as complete individuals should they ever be accused of a crime in court, and the only evidence against them is D.N.A..

Legalization of Sex Workers

While sex work (prostitution) itself is legalized on all of Ramath-lehi, it is illegal for a sex worker to be exploited by “pimps,” and it is illegal for a sex worker to openly solicit their services to potential customers on the streets unless they are in a designated sex services district. Sex workers are able to hire drivers, bodyguards and support staff, and work indoors in organized brothels or “bawdy houses,” while still being entirely protected by the law. Those who choose to engage in the sex trade are worthy of the same constitutional protection as those who engage in other dangerous, but legal enterprises.

Drinking Age

There is no legal minimum drinking age. Anyone, regardless of their age, may consume alcoholic beverages.

Illegal Substances

There are some recreational drugs that Ramathians may use, should the desire arise (such as Nujeq). However there are several illegal substances that one is not to be in possession of.

  • Lomaleli, which is often used as a slow-killing poison.
  • Muses are a very popular drug sold on the Black Markets in Bhim. It comes in several types, and is exceptionally dangerous due to how it interacts with the brain. It can cause memory loss, insanity, and even death. It is also highly addictive.
  • Nuzu is the street name for Nujeq combined with Rizu. While both substances are legal on their own, the combination of Nujeq and Rizu is illegal due to the dangerous nature of the mixture. It has been known to cause sudden death, as well as various other serious side-effects.
  • Paupfaedhs