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Magic on the planet Ramath-lehi is a force of nature, much like gravity.

The Science of Magic

  • Base Elements of Magic
  • Laws of Magic
  • Machina
  • Sources of Magical Energy

Magic Disciplines

See also Magic School.

  • Contracts
  • Dekhar Arts: Collective term for hybrids of martial arts and magical disciplines.
  • Elementalism
  • Invocations
  • Kinetic Magic: Hybrid of Elementalism and Psionicism, using psychic or psychokinetic power to manipulate the elements.
  • Psionicism

Magical Phenomena

Places to Learn Magic

Not all schools on the planet Ramath-lehi offer to teach students magic because of its very unstable nature. The most renown school for teaching magic is the Pjaunfaubaj School of the Arcane, a private facility located in Boreios Sudesha.

Adara School for the Young ThillAurius
Dula Ukupani Vyj Sha Vledhs DevsapDhruv
House of AnpuNotios Sudesha
Hyota Yv DaujtBhim
Janardan AcademySwaraj
Pjaunfaubaj School of the ArcaneBoreios Sudesha

Magic History and Culture

  • Mage duels