Laws of Magic

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Law of Source

The source of all magic on the planet Ramath-lehi is Fronima. Fronima is a pure energy world that runs parallel to Ramath-lehi’s universe. By tapping into Fronima, users of magic are able to fuel their abilities.

Law of Casting

Magic does not depend solely on words, rhymes, gestures, incantations, and specific ingredients. How magic is summoned and controlled varies from user to user.

Elemental Sorcery tends to deal with drawing magic that revolves around verbal commands and gestures whereas Elemental Kinesis tends to deal with drawing magic by means of pure thought and will.

Law of Condition

Magic is a condition of the Ramath-lehi home planet. It can be found everywhere on Ramath-lehi, but not always in equal portions. Some areas or structures may be weak, or devoid of all magic while in other areas, such as temples, it may be plentiful and/or easier to obtain. Therefore anyone on Ramath-lehi has the ability to control magic, provided that they have the qualifications to do so.

Law of Cause and Effect

Every magical action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Casters take damage (recoil) from each and every spell that they cast. Whether this be emotional damage, physical damage such as injuries or fatigue, or even death in some extreme cases. In group casting situations, the casters can spread the recoil effects equally amongst one another, or choose one individual or several to receive the recoil directly.

Law of Spell Inertia

Spells that have been cast will remain cast until a force equal to or greater to them comes into effect. A spell at rest will remain at rest unless a force acts upon it and puts it into motion.

For example, a curse will remain in effect until a counter-curse is produced. A fireball that is produced will remain until it either a) hits its target, or b) dissipates due to lack of fuel.

Law of Greater Numbers

Spells that are cast together by groups of pendragons are always stronger and more effective than spells cast by lone individuals.

A spell cast by a group of ten Apprentices can be just as strong as the same spell cast by a lone Master.

Law of Negative Charges

Negative magic begets negative reactions. Every spell that is used to inflict harm, damage, pain, death, summon, raise or re-animate the dead, displace souls, or control other living beings (mind control) has a negative charge.

Law of Positive Charges

Positive magic begets positive reactions. Every spell that is used to heal, raise stamina, ease pain (emotional or physical), change shape, telepathy, bless, raise stealth, or promote life and/or growth has a positive charge. (Although having a “positive charge” sounds like a good thing, the recoil of positive cast spells can be just as detrimental as negatively charged spells.)

Law of Attraction

Aligned spells attract and unaligned spells repel.

Law of Neutrality

Anything, whether it be a spell, object, or living being, that carries a neutral charge can easily be converted to either a positive or negative charge. Neutrality is weak.

Law of Unpredictability

Magic (despite laws) is unpredictable and often dangerous.