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Ramathian Phrasebook

A Grader's Way
A square wheelSomething or someone that is useless.
Beaten Fronimaless/FronnalessTo be beaten to a pulp!
Handled that like a gaukhUsed to colourfully describe another's inability to keep a level head; also pertains to one's fiery attitude in the presence of another or group. Extremely rebellious 'dragons - often teens - are talked to like this.
Impaled SunsetLooming death.
Like a hatchling's breathThe opposite of a blessing in disguise. It's wonderful at first but then after time you realize it's unpleasant.
Liraxed away(to lirax someone) To die without any forewarning, and quite mysteriously/to kill one quietly, quickly, and without a trace.
Luceshtaf FruiterSomeone who tries to please everyone, never going against anything. It comes from the fact that the fruit of a luceshtaf will taste pleasant to everyone, as it tastes like whatever the persons favorite food or drink is. Luceshtaf fruiter is generally used to describe politicians who try to please every political party.
Of a Rapine's FeatherA more or less polite and perhaps aristocratic way of calling someone an "asshole" which has begun to show up in common slang in recent days.
Paint your scarsTo recover from and move on from a traumatic incident or a difficult time in one's life.
Road of VisionsNothing is quite what it appears to be.


AidltThe female numegola of earth, geography, genetics and Biokinesis.
AnjadnoThe male demi-god of the elderly and kiom.
Arch MagosMasculine. Used as a title and form of address for both past and present male sovereigns of Ramath-lehi.
Arch MagosaiFeminine. Used as a title and form of address for both past and present female sovereigns of Ramath-lehi.
BaSuffix. Usually used for an instructor/teacher or superior; usually applied to a surname.
Council of Thirteen
De(Archaic) Prefix. Traditionally used with one's surname to indicate being a member of a noble bloodline. Integrated into some modern surnames.
DympuiThe ninth day of the week. The second day of the weekend.
DyoSpring. The second of Ramath-lehi's four seasonal quarters.
FespuiThe first day of the week.
FidpuiThe seventh day of the week.
FronimaAn energy source used for magic and machina.
FronnaSlang. A slang term for the word Fromina. Often used as an interjection. "For Fronna's sake!" Believed to have come from lazy kids who thought that three syllables were too many.
FuesAn hour.
Fur-scaleA word used by some Takula to refer to non-Takula 'Dragons.
GaipuiThe eighth day of the week. The first day of the weekend.
HatchlingAn newly hatched or very young Pendragon.
High SpeechThe long since forgotten and obscured tongue of the Ramathian gods and goddesses.
JaipuiThe fifth day of the week.
Janardan Academy
JaspuiThe third day of the week.
Jidp-senaNighttime. The time between sunset and sunrise.
KarshächVulgar. The Khellakh equivalent of the English profanity "bullshit".
KiomA respectful term for an elder male Ramathian who is above the age of 50. The term is generally not used for females and may be taken offensively.
KyttleKytlekh. (Derogatory slang)
LaipuiThe second day of the week.
LidpuiThe sixth day of the week.
MachinaMachines that are run using magicka (Fronima) as their power source.
MagickaThe common name for the power source of machina. Much like machines on our Earth are run by electricity, "machina" is powered by "magicka".
MiaWinter. The first of Ramath-lehi's four seasonal quarters.
MosaA minute.
Nehlt-senaDaytime. The time between sunrise and sunset.
NerpuiThe tenth day of the week. The third and last day of the weekend.
NiSuffix. Usually used with significant others, loved ones, and children; indicates a very close bond and is always used with the first name or nickname.
NiotiA young male Ramathian. Could also be used as an insult.
NiotieA young female Ramathian. Could also be used as an insult.
NullfireDerogatory. Someone who lacks magical heritage or power.
NumegolaA numegola is a god or goddess that is related to (or can manipulate) a specific element. eg. The god Renn-nukhs is the Numegola of Air.
PaquiteA period of ten days on the Ramathian calendar.
PaquittenThe Ramathian three day weekend (Gaipui, Dympui & Nerpui).
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