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Citizens of Ramath-lehi are generally schooled between the ages seven and twenty-two. During the years that they spend in various institutions they may specialize in a variety of subjects. However, most characters tend to only major in two trades. Trades should reflect what your character does, or wishes to do for a living.

Trade Ranks

All character trades are assigned trade ranks. A trade rank indicates just how much knowledge/ability your character has concerning their chosen trade.

Trade Rank Breakdown
Rank Character Age About
Basic 1 to 15 Your character knows the fundamentals of the trade and have started to show promise in their trade area. Should time be allowed they could advance to the next level with their knowledge.
Apprentice 16 to 23 Your character has considerable knowledge concerning their trade. A lot of the learning is done by the character him/her/itself with usually a supervisor or teacher monitoring/challenging their progress and aiding when needs be.
Journeyman 24 to 30 and older Your character knows really all there is to know about their trade. They have fully graduated from their teaching institution and may be under the guidance of a "Master" in their specific subject area. Most characters do not bother to pursue someone to act as their Master and are content with simply their graduated status. Journeyman status allows a character to teach the younger generation of characters.

Those who have acquired Journeyman status or higher are allowed to teach younger generations of characters. So if you wish to roleplay a teacher, please make sure that they are 24 or older.

Master 31 and older Your character knows everything there is to know in their specified trade area. Some Master's reach out to the youth and teach them what they know while others are content to keep their vast knowledge to themselves. They are considered the "know-it-alls" on their subjects and should be respected. If a character is a Master on a specific subject they are, more often than not, recognized by the Graders (which in itself can be both a good and bad thing).

You must have special permission in order to roleplay a Master. Master ranks are not allowed to players who are creating their very first character.

On character profiles, trades are ordered first by trade rank (so a Journeyman rank will show up before a Basic), and then are ordered alphabetically. What order your character's trades are displayed in do not necessarily reflect what your character chooses to major in.

Trade Schools

All trades are broken down into six separate schools of learning. They are listed below.

All Trades

TradeSchool / DisciplineSummary
AcrobaticsSkills and PractisesThe ability to perform gymnastic feats requiring skillful control of the body with artistic dexterity.
ActingSkills and PractisesThe art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, films, commercials, etc.
AerobaticsSkills and PractisesThe ability to perform spectacular flying feats and maneuvers while in the air.
AerokinesisMagicThe ability to manipulate air with one's mind.
AlchemySciencesAlso known as Transmutation. The chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the power of transmutation (the conversion of one element or nuclide into another, either naturally or artificially), the discovery of the panacea (a remedy for all illnesses or difficulties), and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life.
Animal BreedingSkills and PractisesAn involvement with the genetic understanding as well as the carrying-out of animal reproduction. Involves being knowledgeable on genes, pre and post natal care, and rearing of the offspring.
Animal HerdingSkills and PractisesThe ability to keep flock animals safe from harm by using staves, animals, or other means to keep them together. Also requires basic knowledge of herding area and its natural residents.
Animal TrainingSkills and PractisesBeing capable enough with animals to teach them tricks, useful acts, and proper behaviors.
ArchaeologySciencesThe scientific study of material remains (as fossil relics, artifacts, and monuments) of past Ramathian and alien life and activities.
ArcherySkills and PractisesThe use of traditional bows and / or crossbows to shoot projectiles, the most common being arrows and bolts.
ArchitectureArt and DesignThe study of design and building, including the mathematic analysis of materials and other criteria needed to erect a successful structure.
Archon and Light LoreMagic
AssassinationSkills and PractisesExtensive knowledge of weapons and tactics used to kill others - usually persons in power - for money.
AstrologySpiritualThe study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural Ramathian occurrences and pendragon affairs.
AstronomySciencesThe scientific study of matter in outer space, especially the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, energy, and evolution of celestial bodies and phenomena.
BiokinesisMagicThe manipulation of land and small living organisms with one's mind (trees, land, grass, bugs, etc.).
BiologySciencesA branch of knowledge that deals with the study of living organisms and vital processes.
BotanySciencesA branch of Biology dealing with the study of plant life.
BribingSkills and PractisesThe art of persuading somebody with an offer, often something illegal, in hopes to get something in return.
CartographyArt and DesignThe art or technique of making maps or charts.
CheatingSkills and PractisesThe art of misleading, eluding, or deceiving through trickery or swindling.
ChemistrySciencesThe science of matter, as well as its structures, properties, and reactions to other matters.
ClimbingSkills and PractisesThe act of climbing (ascending mountains, buildings, etc.) as either an activity, job, or sport.
Con ArtistrySkills and PractisesThe art of exploiting or swindling the confidence of another.
ConversationSocial and LiteratureThe art of speaking to and with others in a casual environment.
CookingSkills and PractisesThe often innate but likewise as often learned ability to either mix ingredients from scratch, or else a recipe, to concoct foods, drinks, and other gourmet artistry.
CosmeticsArt and DesignThe art of applying make-up in order to improve appearances.
CraftingArt and DesignThe art of constructing pieces out of scrap materials, such as wood, paper, or other odds and ends.
Creating StoriesSocial and LiteratureThe ability to come up with characters and a plot, and either write it down or speak it orally.
CryokinesisMagicThe ability to conjure and manipulate water in all of its forms (ice, steam, etc.) with one's mind.
Daemon and Darkness LoreMagic
DancingSkills and PractisesThe art of using body movement to show emotions, stories, thoughts, etc as of form of expression.
Dark SorceryMagic
DebateSocial and LiteratureThe fine art of taking a stand on a two-sided argument, and backing your statement up with factual eloquence.
DraftingArt and DesignThe art of designing machines and machina through delicate sketches and maps.
DrawingArt and DesignThe ability to use one's hands in order to create art with pencil and paper media.
Dream WeavingMagicThe magic in interfere, transform or even create dreams.
ElectricianSkills and PractisesAn occupation that deals with the repair or installation of electrical fixtures.
ElectrokinesisMagicThe ability to conjure and manipulate electricity with one's mind.
Elemental KinesisMagic
Elemental SorceryMagicThe ability to manipulate the elements (fire, air, water, and earth) using words or short incantations. A verbal form of magic.
Elemental SummoningMagicThe ability to summon short-lived elemental creatures (fire, air, water, and earth) from Fronima using incantations, gestures, or spells.
EmbalmingSkills and PractisesThe art of preparing the deceased for burial.
EmpathySpiritualThe ability to sympathize and comfort to a maximum degree.
EnchantingMagicA character born or practiced in the art of enchanting items with magical properties.
Escape ArtistrySkills and PractisesThe ability to break loose from confinement, no matter the situation.
Fashion DesignArt and DesignThe art of designing and using materials in order to create all kinds of clothing.
FightingSkills and PractisesThe art of combat. Fighting has various forms and styles. Some forms deal with expertise with a particular weapon, whereas others deal with the body as one's only defence.
FilmmakingArt and DesignA producer or director of motion pictures, especially one working in all phases of production.
FishingSkills and PractisesThe ability to use hooks, snares, baits, and nets in order to catch fish. This trade requires ultimate patience.
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