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Fronimium is a very strong and heavy inky-black metal that can be found in the depths of many mountains on Ramath-lehi. It was first discovered and refined by the Khell. Fronimium is popular for its ability to hold onto magic. Items that are made out of Fronimium are often imbued with magical properties and will often respond to touch. Many Khell relics are made out of the pitch black Fronimium, and Ramathians are urged caution when handling them. It is not unknown for some relics to hold curses. The late Council of Twelve’s table in the Council Chamber is made out of Fronimium that has been infused with magic and the blood of twelve noble families. It has the ability to recognize and respond to the decedents of any of these twelve families.

Additionally, Fronimium is widely used in tattoo ink by skilled tattoo artists who are planning to imbue their works of art with magic. Ingesting Fronimium, while not recommended, is considered to be harmless.


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Jolacom is a soft reddish gold mineral that is naturally occurring on Ramath-lehi. It may be found only in the Tmu and Uhai Deserts of the Sudeshas where it has become a popular commodity of the Anubi. In these deserts, it may be found deep underground, often in concentrated patches that sprout out with long tendril-like veins. Jolacom has a very special property, and is often seen as a the antithesis of Fronimium. High concentrations of Jolacom can actually block out a Ramathian’s connection to Fronima. This makes it incredibly effective when attempting to detain someone who has very high magical abilities. One of the most notable prisons, Krokino Prison in the Tmu Desert, is made almost entirely out of Jolacom. Its cells are lined and packed with dense Jolacom bricks. When Ramathians are subjected to Jolacom in high densities, such as when being an inmate at Krokino Prison for many years, their magical abilities actually weaken. Depending upon how long they were subjected to the mineral, the majority of Ramathians will eventually regain their abilities once taken out of a Jolacom-infested area. Unfortunately the recovery time varies between individuals, and can often take years even if the subject was only a prisoner for a month.

Ingesting Jolacom will cause the subject to experience a feeling of light-headedness, disembodiment, and weakened magic. These effects will generally go away after the mineral has passed through the system. Injected Jolacom into the bloodstream has much more devastating effects. Habitually injected Jolacom has been said to be able to cut the ties to Fronima completely. As a result, Jolacom has gained a very large following of Rapitelli (Rapine Worshippers), who see it as an essential part of getting closer to the Rapine.


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Fasgoth is a natural resource that can only be found on the moon Xabu which orbits Ramath-lehi. It is naturally a light pink colour, and is very translucent. It is a relatively popular mineral, as it was found to actually repel water in a way that seems to defy gravity. It is often combined with other minerals and put into clothing in order to keep them both dry, and stain-free. Another interesting use for Fasgoth is in dinnerware, namely glasses and drinking cups. When liquid is placed inside of these cups, it tends to hover in the middle, never touching any of the sides. If the cup is pure Fasgoth, learning how to drink out of it for the first time can be a bit of a challenge, and often results in the drink being spilt all over the person attempting to consume it. Dining with Fasgoth is a bit of an art, and having drinking glasses made out of it is considered to be a luxury. However the most popular use of Fasgoth is in building construction. Fasgoth ingestion is fatal.

Totobenki Crystals

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Totobenki Crystals are small crystals that are roughly three inches long and two inches thick. They look very similar to shards of ice with bright blue spheres in the centre. They may only be obtained by finding and killing a Totobenki, or waiting for a Totobenki to die of natural causes. Totobenki often appear in Trilok and Dhruv where they are regularly farmed for their crystals. The Totobenki Crystals are a Fronima source, commonly used as a “battery” of sorts in high-energy consuming machina (like the Portal Transportation System), or to research devastating elemental spells.

Machina technology uses these crystals by attaching gold contacts to either side and drawing Fronima into a polarized crystal capsule for use. Magical practitioners either mix the crystal with other items or use them as part of a mage’s staff in order to amplify one’s existing magical abilities.

Due to its rarity, the Totobenki Crystal is also an expensive precious jewel, commonly worn for ceremonies or highly important social excursions. In their polished forms, the Totobenki Crystals are either stretched, blue marble-like ovals, or compact, blue swirled pearls.

Arkatrosi Silk

Arkatrosi Silk is considered to be one of the finest materials on all of Ramath-lehi and many Ramathians sing praises about it for its softness, versatility, and superior quality. It is often farmed and woven into textiles that are then sold for outrageously high prices. In its purest form, it is naturally bright white in colour and has a very uniform texture. It is a silk that readily takes to dyes and as such comes in a wide variety of colours. Silk from the Arkatrosi farms in Boreios Sudesha is the most lucrative and sought-after luxury item traded across all of Ramath-lehi. Silk is produced year round in Boreios Sudesha.

Numsuju Blood

Located only in the frozen depths of the underwater caves in the seas near Dhruv, and the Sagar Sea and Krishna Sea Islands, Numsuju Blood is a rare commodity. It is very magical and is prized for its ability to cleanse viruses from deathly ill Ramathians. Numsuju Blood is used widely in a lot of popular medicines as its ability to cure is faster than most traditional methods. Unfortunately it is unable to remove all viruses, and has absolutely no effect on magia morbii.

Blotkars Blood

The Blotkars, a domesticated animal native to Trilok, has blood that has a similar effect to alcohol on Ramathians who drink it. Because of this, a thriving industry has developed based on drinks made from this blood, nicknamed "blood booze". The blood is often processed to have a stronger effect, and can be mixed with various other beverages to create unique cocktails. "Blood booze" is primarily produced in Trilok, as that is where the vast majority of domestic Blotkars herds are kept.