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Xabu is Ramath-lehi’s largest moon, and is also the first planet that Ramathians decided to colonize. While Xabu has a thin atmosphere and some vegetation, it is not possible for Ramathians to walk upon its surface for extended periods of time. While traversing the wilds outside of the settled colony, all inhabitants must wear assisted breathing gear. On average, 27 Ramathians die per year due to negligence regarding their oxygen monitoring.

Xabu is a place of beauty and preternatural mysticism. It is covered in sparse patches of short blue grasses that glow ever so faintly, and many lovers and friends have snuggled up together in order to gaze in wonder upon the planet Ramath-lehi.

Built in a similar style to the monolithic cavernous cities in Trilok, the majority of the Xabu colony is located underneath the surface of the moon. Originally it was the site of large mining operations, as a rare mineral called Fasgoth, known to repel water, was discovered there. While mining, the Ramathian re-enforced the mining shafts, sealed the walls, and began to implement systems that would recycle and and create breathable air. What had begun as a small mining town eventually grew into a fully fledged colony, and eventually a thriving settlement. With many colony promotions, promises of fame and wealth, the population on Xabu has flourished considerably. It is the home of more than 9.5 million Ramathians, and has been called the most desirable place to live by many public standard of living reports.

Xabu operates underneath the jurisdiction of Aurius, as it is from Aurius that many of the mining expeditions had begun.

Bhim’s Open Invitation

In an effort to make Bhim a better place, priority placement was given to any Bhimite who wanted to move and live upon Xabu. Unfortunately this was met with much skepticism from many Bhimites, who were suspicious of the government and did not like the idea of getting a “free handout” in the form of land on Ramath-lehi’s populous moon. This was further compounded by the fact that the Ramathian government required that any Bhimite who wished to live on Xabu must have proper documentation and be already registered with the government. For those who did not have records, or refused to go through the proper procedures, Xabu remained a distant dream. Still, hundreds of thousands seized the opportunity and migrated to Bhim. They were each given their own sizeable plots of land, and enough food and resources to last them for several years while they tried to get a new foothold on their new home. A few squandered their newfound wealth, ultimately disrupting the colony and were consequently deported back to Bhim.

Those who did manage though, have sworn that Xabu is the best thing that has ever happened to them, and if it weren’t for the sizeable moon, they still would have been stuck working in the derelict factory district of Bhim. Overall those who migrated are quite satisfied with their increased quality of life.


Bhimites are the only ones on Ramath-lehi that has an open invitation to live on Xabu. If a non-Bhimite is interested in living in Xabu, it is possible, but there are several hoops that one must jump through. Firstly, anyone who is interested in moving to Xabu must have trade ranks that are Journeyman or higher (note: this requirement does not apply to offspring or spouses of the applicant). Secondly, priority placement is given to Ramathians who have trades in the Sciences School, Skills and Practises School, and Social and Literature School.

Once an application has been placed, it can take up to a year in order for it to be processed and to hear a response. Even if your application is accepted, it can take a further two years until your land is secured and ready (although there are a few somewhat underhanded ways to expedite this process).


Xabu was the first successful Ramathian attempt at colonization. It was spearheaded by the Dragyn family.