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Race: Pendragon
Social Class: Upper Class
Origin: Swaraj
Location: Swaraj
Total: 5
Living: 4


The well known last name of pendragons that seem to "get in over their heads" when it comes to trouble. The Dragyns are a very proud family who have the fiery spirits to match their fiery pelts. As one of the Twelve noble families on the original Council of Twelve, the Dragyns are an old and powerful family. Their influence reaches far, and one could argue, farther than all of the other families put together, as the Dragyns specialty is space travel.

The Dragyns are the ones who initiated both the Xabu and Cussla colonization projects. There has not been a third successful colonization project to date.

Defining Characteristics

  • Noble bloodline
  • Usually have fiery red pelts
  • Wings are a relatively common mutation
  • Are very proud
  • Are very interested in space exploration and colonization
  • Often solve disputes with actions instead of words


Characters belonging and/or tightly associated to the Dragyn family.

Draco DragynUnknownNon-Player CharacterPendragonMale
Lorax DragynLivingNon-Player CharacterPendragonMale
Naka DragynLivingNon-Player CharacterPendragonFemale
Terez DragynLivingNon-Player CharacterPendragonMale
Zoar DragynLivingNon-Player CharacterPendragonMale

Family Tree

Sari Dragyn Female This character is deceased.
Thanos Dragyn Male This character is deceased.
Celest Seneca Female
Terez Dragyn Male
Lorax Dragyn Male
Ratharee Dragyn Female
Draco Dragyn Male
Robyn Savarally Female This character is deceased.
Mezzo Dragyn Male
Gardner Dragyn Male
Naka Dragyn Female
Cabul Dragyn Male
Saul Dragyn Male
Bokim Dragyn Male
Taberah Dragyn Male
Zoar Dragyn Male
Edom Dragyn Male
Asher Dragyn Male
Marah Dragyn Female This character is deceased.
Mirage Dragyn Female
Cauis Dragyn Male This character is deceased.
Donouil Dragyn Male This character is deceased.
Vinon Dragyn Male This character is deceased.
Ygraine Dragyn Female This character is deceased.
Naphtali Dragyn Female
Onoxy Dragyn Male This character is deceased.
Beriah Dragyn Female This character is deceased.
Ambrose Dragyn Male
Radin Dragyn Male
Lara Dragyn Female
Seth Dragyn Male


Candrice IV and the Epic Failure

One of the most catastrophic events in Dragyn history was the devastation at Candrice IV. Candrice was a planet that was undergoing evaluation for potential colonization, and was named such because it was the fourth planet in the Candrice solar system which orbits around two suns. If it had been successful, it would have been the first Ramathian colony to exist outside of the Ramathian solar system. It was a very lush planet, full of life, but did not currently have any sentient beings. It was perfect, and perhaps a little too perfect.

During the science expedition, the planet was invaded by the plague-like race, the Rapine.

“Sabe?” Koani said suddenly and extended her arm to point. “What is that?” Sabre looked in the direction that Koani was pointing in and was all of the sudden dumbstruck. “Sabe?” Koani prompted him.
“Ani, that's a ship,” he said after a moment.
“I know what a ship looks like.”
“It's not one of ours though.”
“I know.” Koani hissed as panic began to rise in her voice. She knew it was a ship. She had already gone as far as to realize its origins. What she didn't want to do is be the first one to speak its name. A darkness was starting to form in the pit of her stomach and her mouth felt dry and uncomfortable.
“There's no way that ship could have gotten in here. Not without our knowledge. No amount of stealth technology could have thwarted our sensory sweeping. It would have been triggered by abnormal heat signatures, life signs...” Sabre stopped suddenly as a wave of both dread and realization washed over him. “Ani, we need to get back to the base right now.”
“Protocol Sabe... we need to inform Lorax and Draco before we do anything at all.” Koani said as her hand went to the gun that she had holstered on her right thigh. She touched it faintly. She had never been a very fabulous shot and the idea of this firearm being the only thing that might stand in the way of her own death struck fear into her. If only they were back on Ramath-lehi and with the comforting blanket of Fronima to draw from. They would have been able to use magic and drive the evil forces away. Out here in the confines of space and on a foreign planet, Koani was feeling very naked and alone.

The result was a bloodbath. Despite having the latest in Adamaint technology, the Dragyn ship failed and they were unable to make a hasty retreat. Many civilians died, including many that belonged to the Dragyn family. Nearly 80% of the science expedition was wiped out, and out of those, 8% of of the bodies were never retrieved. It was also during this expedition that Koani Grader disappeared, and was assumed to be deceased, only to appear seven years later.

With limited resources, the Dragyns were able to temporarily fix their ship - which they had found to be sabotaged - and make an escape with as many injured and dead that they could collect. The violence on Candrice became a place of bloody, gruesome nightmarish memories that haunt many poor souls.

Influence and Influences

  • Were responsible for the colonization of both Xabu and Cussla.
  • Thanos and Sari Dragyn were the Arch Magos and Magosai of Ramath-lehi between the years years 81294 and 81343.
    • Their reign came to an abrupt end on their 50th anniversary as rulers (81343) due to an accident. A Fronima conductor is said to have malfunctioned and as a result, there was a massive explosion. The entire Dragyn estate was completely obliterated along with the Arch Magos, Magosai and everyone else inside.
  • Sari Dragyn was an absolutely legendary seer and could predict the future with an uncanny accuracy.
  • Lorax and Draco Dragyn are known as the "Terrible Twosome" because of some adventurous (questionable?) actions in their youth.