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Unlike Xabu, Cussla does not have any sort of atmosphere and is very drab and rocky in appearance. Due to that, it is a much smaller colony. It is home to approximately 300,000 Ramathians. Those who live on Xabu often look down upon the inhabitants of Cussla, and quite a bit of mutual rivalry has been noted, despite their vastly different population sizes. Cussla is often referred to as the “Jealous Moon,” or the “Impatient Moon,” by its rivals, and folks often speak of its inhabitants as “trying to hard to make use of what they certainly lack.” When asked just what it is that they lack, the answer resoundingly comes back as, “common sense!” People on Xabu are mystified over the fact that some Ramathians would chose to live on Cussla over Xabu, and have never quite been able to come to terms with it. Xabu is just so obviously better in many ways. Still, Cussla remains and has gained a reputation as being the underdog.

The entirety of the Cussla colony is built underground. With Cussla being such a small colony, there are many inhabitants on Cussla who travel to Xabu just to do their day to day shopping via the Portal Transportation System.


Similar to Xabu, there are immigration wait times. Unlike Xabu though, there is no priority preference given to current residents of Bhim. Applicants wishing to live on Cussla must have a trade rank of Journeyman or higher, and priority placement is likewise given to Ramathians who have trades in the Sciences School, Skills and Practises School, and Social and Literature School.

The wait time in order for your application to be processed is only two months. Those who choose to live on Cussla instead of Xabu are often teased as being too impatient to wait in order to have their application processed for living on Xabu.


Cussla was the second successful Ramathian attempt at colonization. Similar to Xabu, it was also spearheaded by the Dragyn family.

When Cussla was first being settled, there were some major complications regarding one of the air recycling systems. There was an explosion that resulted in a large fire. The fire hastily burned through a lot of the compound’s oxygen, filling it up with smoke, and suffocating 296 Ramathians. With all of the available oxygen devoured, the fire snuffed itself out. As a result, inhabitants on Cussla are much more wary when it comes to their own oxygen monitoring and consumption.