Solar System

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The Shadowlack solar system is approximately 4.226 billion years old.

Planetary Overview

Name Type Distance Mass Radius Atmosphere
0 Redveja Sun
1 Firsamus Venusian Hot, arid, cloudy, boiling ocean. Thick and poisonous atmosphere.
2 Rojmemd Rock Hot, airless.
3 Telkan Pelagic (Water) 0.907 AU 0.925 EM 0.975 ER Warm, breathable. (N2, O2)
4 Ramath-lehi Terrestrial (Earth-like) 1.027 AU 1.376 EM 1.109 ER Cool, breathable. (N2, O2)
5 Scatranis Asteroid field
6 Nitsaji Space anomaly
7 Glacetoria