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The Uajeul Suksekul Russuleym (USR) is Ramath-lehi's largest military operation. It is composed of four specialized divisions:

  • Trans.gif Tguka (Space Warfare);
  • Trans.gif Mubi (Navy);
  • Trans.gif Nujemat (Ground Soldiers);
  • Trans.gif Tamsemalt (Sentinels).

Each of these divisions are divided into hierarchical ranks that eventually report all the way up to the Togjana Nelesuji Damajul, who sits on the Council of Thirteen as the Councillor of Military & Weaponry. Despite there being four divisions, there is much overlap within the USR as the divisions actively collaborate on assignments with one another. The approximate percentage of active recruits per division is as follows: Tguka (45%), Mubi (17%), Nujemat (30%), and Tamsemalt (8%).

Learning Ramathian is crucial for any potential USR recruit as all commands, vessel names, ranks, navigation, etc., are in the Ramathian home language. Anyone that is in the USR must be extremely fluent in the language. Knowing Common (English) as well is also recommended.

The USR is responsible for maintaining PRIMUS, Ramath-lehi's largest database of information.

USR Ranks

Council Rank

  • Togjana Nelesuji Damajul
    • Councillor of Military & Weaponry. Member of the Council of Thirteen. Educated risk-taker. One position open.

High Ranking Officers

Tguka Mubi Nujemat Tamsemalt
  • Nutsaj Uej Damajul (Master Air General)
  • Leaosamums-Damajul (Lieutenant-General)
    • Tactical advisor; devoted mainly to defence and both the preservation and protection of Ramath-lehi. One position open.
  • Beka Damajul (Major-General)
    • Air Vice Marshal;Chief Master Sergeant. One position open.
  • Uej Kynnypyja (Brigadier-General)
    • Air Commodore;First Sergeant One position open.
  • Ujnupu Upnejul (Armada Admiral)
  • Upnejul (Adimiral)
  • Beka Upnejul (Vice Admiral)
  • Jauj Upnejul (Rear Admiral)
  • Nutsaj Fuj Damajul (Master War General)
  • Damajul (General)
  • Leaosamum Damajul (Lieutenant General)
  • Beka Damajul (Vice General)
  • Djump Pavamta Nujthul (Grand Defense Marshal)
  • Nutsaj Pavamta Nujthul (Master Defense Marshal)
  • Nujthul (Marshal)
  • Kylymal (Colonel)

Senior Officers

Tguka Mubi Nujemat Tamsemalt
  • Nutsaj Kugsuem (Colonel;Group Captain)
    • One Group Captain whenever there is more than three Squadrons needed.
  • Femd Kynnumpaj (Lieutenant-Colonel;Wing Commander)
  • Twoupjym Laupaj
    • One Squadron Leader for each Squadron.
  • Tsuvv Tajdaums (Staff Sergeant)
    • Is in charge of creating staff/crew work scheduals, flight departure and arrival times, and takes part in the hiring and firing of both Junior Officers and Subordinates.
  • Sakhmekul Tajdaums (Technical Sergeant)
    • Is in charge of the overall technical maintenance of fleets; schedualing inspections; can work either on a ship, or from a space station.
  • Kugsuem (Captain)
  • Kynnumpaj (Commander)
  • Vlaas Laupaj
    • One Fleet Leader for each Fleet.
  • Kheav Fujjums Yvvekaj (Chief Warrent Officer)
  • Fujjums Yvvekaj (Warrent Officer)
  • Kylymal (Colonel)
  • Beka Kylymal (Vice Colonel)
  • Glusyym Laupaj
    • One Platoon Leader for each Platoon.
  • Tsuvv Tajdaums (Staff Sergeant)
  • Dommaji Tajdaums (Gunnery Sergeant)
  • Leaosamums Kylymal (Lieutenant Colonel)
  • Nuqyj (Major)
  • Twoupjym Laupaj
    • One Squadron Leader for each Squadron.
  • Kynnump Tajdaums (Command Sergeant)
  • Nutsaj Tajdaums (Master Sergeant)

Junior Officers

Tguka Mubi Nujemat Tamsemalt
  • Kugsuem (Captain)
    • Captain of his/her own ship. The ship must be named in Ramathian and would have a crew of at least three or more pendragons depending upon the ship size.
  • Leaosamums (Lieutenant)
    • The Kugsuem's right hand man (or woman), ie. their First Officer.
  • Beka Leaosamums (Second Lieutenant)
    • The Kugsuem's Second Officer.
  • Leaosamums (Lieutenant)
  • Leaosamums Qomeyj Djupa (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
  • Amtedm (Ensign)
  • Kugsuem (Captain)
  • Leaosamums (Lieutenant)
  • Beka Leaosamums (Second Lieutenant)
  • Kugsuem (Captain)
  • Leaosamums (Lieutenant)
  • Beka Leaosamums (Second Lieutenant)


Tguka Mubi Nujemat Tamsemalt
  • Nutsaj Tcigelys (Senior Airman)
  • Tcigelys Vejts Klutt (Airman First Class)
  • Tcigelys (Airman)
  • Tcigelys Rutek (Airman Basic)
  • Gassi Yvvekaj (Petty Officer)
  • Taunam (Seaman)
  • Taunam Uggjamseka (Seaman Apprentice)
  • Taunam Jakjoes (Seaman Recruit)
  • Kyjgyjul (Corporal)
  • Lumka Kyjgyjul (Lance Corporal)
  • Gjebusa Vejts Klutt (Private First Class)
  • Gjebusa (Private)
  • Tajdaums (Sergeant)
  • Kyjgyjul (Corporal)
  • Gjebusa Vejts Klutt (Private First Class)
  • Gjebusa (Private)