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Your character's social class in Ramathian society depends upon their social economic level.

Upper Class

Generally holders of titles of nobility and their relatives, some with very high levels of inherited wealth. They will often have attended the most famous of Ramath-lehi's schools. Famous nobility blood lines include (but are not limited to): Grader, Dragyn, Sun, Adamaint, etc. This class makes up about 1% of the population.

Upper Middle Class

The upper middle class consists of white collar professionals with advanced Master and/or Journeyman ranks and comfortable personal incomes. A significant proportion of their wealth is often from inheritance.

Middle Class

Similar to the upper middle class but usually from a less establishment-based background and education. Generally professionals with Master and/or Journeyman ranks. Will typically own their own home and earn well above the national average. Examples would be characters working for the government (USR), the education, research, sciences, or space industries.

Working Class

Generally has low educational attainment and works in a semi-skilled or unskilled blue collar profession. Some examples would be seers, mages, or production labourers. (All characters who have not attained at least a Journeyman rank will most likely fit here.)

Lower Working Class

Generally works in minimum wage occupations, such as cleaner, shop assistant, bar worker. Often employed in the personal service industry.


Repeated cycles of unemployment, working multiple low-level part-time jobs are common among this group.


Reliant on government benefits for income.

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