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Common Name: Aurius, City of Aurius
National Motto: From the sea, freedom
Demonym: Aurite
Capital: Apo Kato
Largest City:
Official Languages Ramathian, Common
Currency: Khasi
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Located in the depths of the Samundra Ocean, Aurius is one of many wonders of the Pendragon homeworld. The city itself is a large collection of connected underwater domes all situated around one immense central dome. Each dome is heavily populated and houses countless Pendragons (and even some alien visitors from other planets). The domes are made out of a hard indestructible plastic, but just in case, they are also re-enforced with varying types of magic that give off tranquil, soft-glowing auras of ever-changing colours.

There are many buildings contained within this aquatic facility, including world-renowned hotels, a few small private schools, and even the Neon Space Launch Facility. The lower levels that reach to the bottom of the ocean are devoted to researching the depths and darkness of the abyss that is the entire facility's anchor. Still they make strange discoveries of new species and other odd things everyday.

There are two popular ways to gain access to the underwater world of Aurius:

  • Via the Portal Transport System, which has access points to Aurius located in Bhim, and also the east coast of Mansukh
  • Via a submarine-like vessel, called a Rloamyta, and enter directly through one of Aurius' seaports


  • Apo Kato
  • Yaka Tasu
  • Kesun Oro
  • Iari Kol

Notable 'Dragons



  • 81387
  • 81386
    • The City of Aurius was re-submerged into the ocean depths with retro-fitted shield defences that would make it impervious to future Fronima fluctuations. (Mid Tessera 2°)
  • 81383
    • A Fronima Flux accident occurred at the Adara School for the Young Thill, which resulted in many students being injured, and a teacher getting severely burned. (Late Tessera 13°)
    • Aurius surfaces from the depths of the Samundra Ocean due to The Flux as a precaution. It was feared that its magicka-powered shields may succumb to the Fronima fluctuations. The Portal Transport System was completely disabled. The only way to reach Aurius was by boat. (Late Tessera 13°)


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