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Mansukh flag1.jpg
Common Name: Mansu
National Motto: "Unity Through Faith"
Demonym: Mansuian
Capital: Teocarlos
Largest City: Dominura
Official Languages Ramathian, Common
Currency: Khasi
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Being home to two of the world wonders of Ramath-lehi, Mansukh is a popular pilgrim destination for many religious devotees. However, it's monumental symbols also make it a popular tourist destination, often upsetting some of the more strict religious power holders in the country who believe the land is too sacred to have non-believers so close to their places of worship.

The Northwestern corner of Mansuh if covered by the Alliatora Mountain Range with it's Southern end decorated by a tropical rain forest. Being right on the equator of the planet Mansukh's weather is generally warm and humid all year round.


  • Teocarlos
Second Largest City
At the base of the Alliatora Mountain Range
Home of the Teothurkh Monastery where many young hatchlings go for religious schooling in the buildings carved out of the mountain face.
  • Dominura
Largest City
Home to some of Ramath-lehi richest families
Receives a large portion of the countries tourism traffic as well as economic benefits.
Home to the University of Mansukh
  • Tel'Nirev
Port city on the East Coast known for it's fishing success.
  • Abadsu
Mine City on the North end of the Alliatora Mountain Range
  • Romanskh
Port city on the West Coast
Being a main link between Swaraj and Mansukh, Romanskh is seen as an import and export city
Due to the constant cultural exchange Romanskh is known for it's mixed music scene and cultural sites (art, theater, festivals)
With it's blended nature, Romanskh is one of the least religious cities in Mansukh
  • Tanastellos
Named after the Goddess Tanastlasei
Refuse most technology, especially if it is not Formina based.
Center of the country, less visitors ever since the advent of teleportation technology.

Notable 'Dragons

Head monk at Teothurkh Monastery
Descendant of ancient Mansukh nobility
Notable Priestess
Politician and representative for Mansukh on the international level
Important player in Mansukh economy


Around the base of the mountain cluster is a new rising cult that has been labeled the Pjaun Nucajt, the Dream Makers. They promote themselves as a peaceful group who have no desire to interfere with people outside of the group but a few dark rumors have started to float around concerning a few members who have not be heard of for over a season. Ever since the triple moon eclipse happen the cult has been growing in popularity. The charismatic leader is Teolun Heulm, who a few 'dragons have tried to investigate to get a better understanding of the cult, but all government documents about her report her of dying under suspicious circumstances before the age of 5 in the city of Tanastellos. Leading most investigators to believe that this is a pendragon operating under the stolen identity of someone else.
  • The Orkanshir Opera House
The Orkanshir Opera House is located in Dominura near the edge of the large tropical jungle that covers the South end of the continent.
  • Museum of Religion
Found in Teocarlos this museum recognizes most of the religions of the world, tracing their history across the globe. It does it's best to remove any bias from the displays but can't help but lean towards the dominant religion of Mansukh.
  • Phillentian Historic Site
This official historic site is the remains of the oldest Estanian Monarchy from the 10,000's. All that is left today is a mix of stone and metal debris that has been thoroughly searched and scanned by archaeologists over the years and a rich history has been collected to form a very informative museum next to the official site.
  • The Waikareiti Corporation
Starting it's slow rise in the early 70,000's The Waikareiti Corporation passed through a few stages as businesses under other, older names before becoming the monopolizing force in the mining and extracting industry that it is today.


  • 65,392
The Teothurkh Monastery was built to replace and overpower the previous smaller Monastery and quickly took hold as one of the most important religious institutes in the country.
  • 41,239
News of the Machina wars going on in other parts of the world greatly influenced the political parties that stood in opposition to new sorts of mechanized technologies. These groups briefly held control over the entire country but slowly fell out of power as new technologies became more mainstream. Leaving only Tanastellos to cling onto these now ancient beliefs.
  • 13,495
Mansukh formally enters the international political playing field after much urging from the other nations.
  • 10,147
The Estania family inserts themselves as the divine rulers of the country by uniting the various regions and kingdoms it was once divided into. There were the most important political force in the country until the end of the Sun Dynasty.
  • 10,000
The rise of the Sun Dynasty was not well accepted as one of the earliest powers to try to unite and rule over the whole planet of Ramath-lehi. There was a large breakout of banditry, especially in the hill regions of the country where bandit groups could hide for years in the complex cave systems. In some of the smaller cities banditry is still an acceptable form of social resistance to a governing power that is not always respected.



A monolithic tree whose roots are said to be embedded deep in the fabric of Fronima.
A large, everlasting flame that has been burning since the existence of Ramath-lehi.
The largest temple on Ramath-lehi that honours Tanastlasei.