Temple of Tanastlasei

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Temple of Tanastlasei
Country Mansukh
Type Place of Worship
Short Description The largest temple on Ramath-lehi that honours Tanastlasei.

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The Temple is a place of calm and serenity, reflecting the goddess it celebrates. From the outside, it is a wide and low establishment of silvering stone, built in the shape of a perfect circle. Emerald green ivy climbs up the walls, framing the large wooden doors that are always open to welcome passer-by. The inside is an open space lit by the golden sunlight that pours through the glass dome ceiling, and on the ground in white chalk is marked a long spiral labyrinth to calm the minds of those who walk it. Outside there is a natural garden thousands of square acres in size, formed of vegetation that is naturally attracted to the temple and blooms there in ethereal beauty.