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There is very little official information about this occult group, most of what reaches the media is rumor and speculation. The bulk of information is gathered from family and friends of 'dragons who have join in with the cult; leading to a very biased view projected by most of the population


  • 81380
- The Dream Makers are a very new organization that only started forming sometime between 81379-81 (Exact year is unknown). It's name started drifting around small Mansukhian cities during that time.
  • 81382
- Representative and rumored leader of the cult, Teolun Heulm, made a public appearance to a small media organization to defend the practices and activities of the Pjaun Nucajt. The speech seemed to calm the public for a while, up until the distraught parents of 21 year old Lyle Adrenski became making the claim that the group was holding their son against his will.
  • 81383
- Lyle Adrenski returns home with no ill will against the Dream Makers. (Dyo 32)
- The eclipse of the 3 moons leads to a spike in cult membership. (Tessera 12)
- Even with the ban on magicka, the Dream Makers are rumored to still be tapping into Fronima dream experiences.


The biggest practice of the group is know as Entering the Dreamscape, details are unclear but what is known so far is that the members take a sleeping aide, then the master Dream Weavers of the group intertwine the minds of the group into a large Dream Bubble where the participants can live out magical and half real experiences. The fear behind this kind of activity is that 'dragons may become seduced by the dream world and become depressed and distracted when trying to resume living in real life.


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