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Common Name: Swari
National Motto: Not all of me will die.
Demonym: Swarian
Capital: Janardan
Largest City:
Official Languages Ramathian, Common
Currency: Khasi
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  • Janardan
Location of the Janardan Academy
  • Watani
  • Kaztohaati
  • Woltryn
  • Dizayrd
  • Coliez

Notable 'Dragons

Founder of Janardan Academy
Legendary hero and historical warlord; namesake of Kaztohaati


  • Vhelic Art Gallery
A low key gallery often displaying local and less renown art collections.




A franchise of cafés.
Ramath-lehi's largest body of freshwater.
Dangerous swamplands. Inhabited by slick mud, sink holes, bogs, flaming plants, hostile monsters and deep gullies.
A vast barren desert where very little life can be found. Home to a few elusive Anubi tribes.
A late night destination bar that specializes in being spooky.
A club with loud party techno beats. Not for the faint of heart (or ugly).
A desert themed restaurant with extremely skilled bartenders.
A shooting range nestled in the commercial area of Watani.
Located right in the middle of Swaraj, close to the famous Janardan Academy.
A large cluster of mountains and caves along the lower eastern coast of Swaraj which houses many Ramathian families.