The Gravedigger

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The Gravedigger
Country Swaraj
Type Club
Short Description A late night destination bar that specializes in being spooky.

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Much unlike its sister club, The Rage, this place doesn't play host to wild lighting and techno melodies. Most often, the garb worn is black, and the music varies from punk to metal to "scream-o." It has a generally dangerous, depressive atmosphere, and it's just the sort of place for those with "gothic" tastes. It boasts some of the weirdest food found in Watani, and some of the spookiest drinks. It's a perpetual Halloween here, so toast to your date's mug of feydragon blood.


  • Hours: 9 AM - 3 PM (Closed for cleaning and prep) 6 PM - 3 AM
  • Restricted Access: 16+


A general overview of the items available on the Gravedigger's menu.


Semi-Live Mutant Makrura
It'll eat you if you don't eat it.
Raw Tail
Springy rolls of raw meat. So chewy!


Feydragon's Blood
Poured straight from a feydragon's beating heart.
Takula Lava
Sure to warm you up. Or burn you from inside-out.
With just the right amount of muck at the bottom!


Various NPCs

  • Fiovendri Hiral - General Manager
  • Leon - Bartender

Played Characters