Janardan Academy

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Janardan Academy
Type Public
Dean Hart Demori
Staff 5,456
Students 23,000
Location Swaraj (west of Watani near the Vivuli Jungle)
Colours Crimson, Gold, White Trans.gif Trans.gif Trans.gif
Mascot Raptor / Firebird
Sports Jemdrull, Khatt, Menlo, Swimming, and many others

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The mission of the Janardan Academy is to ensure that students reach their full potential in order to become accomplished individuals and contributing members to an ever-changing global society. This is achieved through quality programs that develop and nurture skills in an environment that is enhanced by community support.They endeavour to build successful relations between students, staff, and the community.


Executive Council

Operative Staff

  • Assistant Librarians:
  • Assistant Secretaries:
  • Guidance Services:
  • Educational Assistants:
  • Custodial Staff:
  • Security:

Department Heads

Purposely omitting full time and part time teachers for the time being.



Administration (Front Foyer)

The front foyer is also what you would call the backbone of the academy as it is here in this central stem where all academy operations are meticulously maintained. It is likewise here along a wide stretch of marbled hallway that you can find the Main Office and private office of the Janardan principal, Hart Demori, the Student Registrar which exists as a side add-on to the Main Office that aids students in registering and transferring to the academy, the Guidance Office, the Nurse's Office, the Staff Room, as well as miscellaneous smaller offices belonging to various staff members.


Courtyard and Campus

The courtyard is where students are permitted to go when they are not expected at a class. Teachers can usually be found patrolling the area, ready to intervene in events and offer their assistance should it be needed. The courtyard is usually full of games, conversation, quarrels, and the odd adventure.

Janardan Stadium

Ethereal rays shine down through the domed skylight above, cascading down to fill the almost fully underground stadium. The Janardan Stadium is immense, roughly the size of three football fields. The central zone is where Jemdrull League and Menlo players come to compete and practise. Towering bleachers surround it on all sides and are usually full when a game is in progress. Two smaller fields are positioned off to the sides. These ones are often used for scrimmages and are frequented by Janardan gym classes.


Underneath the layers of classrooms, offices, and other rooms lie the dormitories. Here, the average student or teacher can retreat from the noise of the classroom to the quiet of their own personal living space. This space is offered free of charge to all of those that either learn or work at the Academy. Students are usually grouped two or three per room, where as the teachers, occupying the lower levels of the dormitories, can opt for private rooms. A registration list of students, teachers, and their room numbers can be found in the Registrar's Office.

Dormitory List

Here is an example list of some of the available dormitories.

Tstumjet residence
The Tstumjet residence was once a hospital that had long been converted into a residence but all of its rustic splendor had been maintained. Students often complained that its steel frame beds had also been kept. At the head of the Nyymbatta's bed there was a threadbare wooden table and chair, and to the right wall, a long wooden bench sat against a wall-to-wall storage cabinet. On the wall opposite to the door was a grand window (which she'd pulled the blinds over) with an excessively large sill, upon which she'd placed a number of tiny houseplants and jewelry. Fitted directly beneath the sill was a small, black fridge. (Excerpt written by phylus describes the average Tstumjet residence).