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A typical Jemdrull field.

Jemdrull ("Ringball") is a popular team sport on Ramath-lehi.


Positions and Players

  • The five players hold the following positions: 2 Chargers, 2 Blockers, 1 Wild. Each member wears a short coloured scarf tied securely just above the left elbow denoting their placement on the team.
    • Trans.gif Charger: Saddled with getting the balls to the other side of the field and scoring, must always be on opposing team's half of the field.
      • May only score points with the small ball.
      • May carry or hold either ball for three steps, or three seconds (whichever comes first), before having to pass.
      • Wears a red scarf.
    • Trans.gif Blocker: Must block balls from entering their side of the field, and may not cross centre line.
      • May only score points with the small ball.
      • May carry or hold either ball for three steps, or three seconds (whichever comes first), before having to pass.
      • Wears a blue scarf.
    • Trans.gif Wild: May either charge or block, and go anywhere on the field.
      • May score points with either balls, but focuses primarily on the large ball.
      • May carry or hold either ball for three seconds before having to pass.
      • Wears a green scarf.
  • Each team has their own colour, which is worn as a securely tied scarf on the right arm, just above the elbow. Team colours are decided by the team, and cannot be the same pattern and/or colour as another currently existing team.
  • All players may hit the balls however they please (with their heads/hands/feet/tails/etc.), so long as the balls are not damaged or punctured.
  • Flying is allowed by both wings or magical means. Common sense will tell you to not go too high, however, because the scoring rings won't be leaving the ground.
  • Using one's wings to block or hit the ball to score is allowed, but one cannot keep their wings unfurled for more than a second to block or hit the ball.


  • Only five players from each team may be on the field.
  • Each team is allowed to have a total of eight registered players. (Plus any second strand players a coach may hold in reserve.)
  • Only two balls may be on the field during gameplay: one large 1ft (0.3m) diameter ball, bright white in colour, and one small 6in (.15m) neon blue ball.


  • Scoring is accomplished by getting either of the balls in a single ring at the far end of the opposite team's field.
  • Getting the large white ball through the ring is four points. Getting the neon ball through the ring is two.
  • If the score is tied at the end of the final third, there is a five minute rest period, and then the game is prolonged until someone scores, either ball, just once. At that time, the winner is announced, and the award ceremony begins.



Foul play is severely punished. Using magic on yourself, the ball, coach, referee, or on another player, by either spectator, coach, player, or other, is irredeemable. The most lenient punishment is banishment from the game, and all future games. Once a player amasses three minor penalties against themselves, or one major penalty, they must be replaced for the rest of the game.


  1. Fighting. Physical fighting is prohibited on the field.


  1. Injury. Penalty is awarded to any player who either directly, or indirectly injures someone.
  2. Too Slow. Penalty is awarded to any player who holds onto the ball for more than three seconds.
  3. Bad Zone. Penalty is awarded to any Blocker or Charger who is in the wrong zone for their position.
  4. Holding. Penalty is awarded to any player who physically prevents another player from moving about on the field.
  5. Tripping. Penalty is awarded to any player who trips another player on the field.
  6. Travelling. Penalty is awarded to any Blocker or Charger who takes more than three steps with any ball.
  7. Not Wild. Penalty is awarded to any Blocker or Charger who scores with the large ball.
  8. Damage. Penalty is awarded to any player who damages either of the game balls.
  9. Unfair Block. Penalty is awarded to the player who leaves their wings unfurled (or other appendages, in the event of Lukuo) for more than a second in order to block balls.

Duration and time stoppages

  • Game play is in three segments of 15 minutes each, with five minutes rest between the thirds, and a five minute award ceremony afterwards.
  • Each segment is begun with two referees, each with one ball, throwing the balls straight up into the air. A whistle is blown once the balls are in the air, and the clock and game play starts.
  • Should a player be hurt during game play, the clock is paused and the player is either healed, or replaced.

Field Regulations

A Jemdrull field coloured for Red vs. Blue teams.

The playing field must be marked by lines of two colours (one for each team's side) on a flat surface; with dimensions being a large rectangle, with equilateral triangles at the opposite longest ends. The two scoring rings are at the farthest peaks of the triangles, on opposite sides of the field. The rings are circular, 3ft (1m) in diameter, on a pole, 5ft (1.6m) off the ground. A net is attached to the rings in order to catch the ball after it passes through.

Every five feet, starting from the base of the triangle and start of the rectangle, is marked in a line. The centre line is marked with a thicker line, half being one team's colour, and the other half being the opposing team's colour.

The length of the rectangular section of the field is 90ft (~27m), or 45ft (~13.5m) per team, with a total of 19 five foot lines, including centre and triangle base lines. The width of the field is 40ft (12m). The equilateral triangles are 40ft (12m) on each side. The triangles are marked by lines funnelling like arrows into the scoring ring.


  • Referees cannot be from either team, nor have allegiance to anyone on either team. Referees must be unbiased parties, so as to judge the game fairly.



Jemdrull Matches

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