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loo - 'kwhoa
Lukuo Thrain Sable Crystal San.png
Plural: Lukuo
Scientific Name: draco sapiens mutabilis
Homeworld: Ramath-lehi
Height: 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in) - 2.18 m (7 ft 2 in)
Weight: 45.35 kg (100 lbs) - 158.76 kg (350 lbs)
Colouration: Lukuo may be found in any colour.
Creation Notes
In order to be a Lukuo, your character must have a genetic mutation of some sort.


The Lukuo (loo - 'kwhoa) are a subspecies of Pendragon with heavy genetic mutations. These mutations usually show up as extra growths on a Pendragon's body which are generally in the form of horns, spikes, mis-matched wings, multiple wings, fingers, toes, or other appendages.

The Lukuo are a branch off of the Pendragon race, and of all the known branches, they are the most closely related to the Pendragon. Lukuo are genetically identical to Pendragons in every way, except for their mutation(s). As such, they come in all colours, shapes, and sizes, much like the main Pendragon race. Following, they are generally accepted as Pendragons, and there is minimal racism between the Lukuo and Pendragons. However, there are some who still think of the Lukuo as a mutated abomination of the Pendragon race that must be exterminated.

Lukuo mutations are recessive in the genetic makeup, and therefore are not common, however as the Pendragon race continues to evolve, certain mutations become more common over time. (Studies are scheduled to be performed to track trends in appearances of these recessive, and often times dormant, Lukuo genes.)

In general, Lukuo genes need to be triggered in some way to appear in progeny, either by another Lukuo recessive gene in the other parent, or in the absence of a gene, in which case the mutation will surface, because there is no dominant gene to suppress it.

Lukuo are identified by any number of extra or multiple body decorations. These include multiple limbs and tails, any number and type of horns on their skull, or bone spikes manifesting themselves anywhere on the body, but most commonly along the spine, shoulder blades, elbows, and ankles. Wings are a growing common sight among Pendragons, but multiple wings, often one atop the other, or one pair in front of another pair also denote a Lukuo. (Often one pair is smaller than the other.) In the case of a single pair of 'bat' or 'dragon' wings, multiple 'thumbs' or 'fingers' also constitute a Lukuo.

Lukuo genes are similarly responsible for mismatched wings. The parents must both have differing types of wings and a recessive Lukuo gene for this to occur. The recessive wing genes (Pendragon wings are a recessive trait, because most Pendragons are born without) of the parents will rarely trigger a Lukuo wing gene that will, in the child, stimulate one half of the body one way, and the other half the other way. This results in one wing being one type, and the other wing being the other type. (Once this mutation occurs, Lukuo with this type of mutation will carry a dual wing gene, which they can pass on to their children.)

Reproduction and Social Life

This subspecies most often times comes into being by recessive mutation of the Pendragon races' genes, and once the mutation has surfaced, if the Lukuo Pendragon reproduces, the trait will most likely continue to show in their progeny. (The recessive gene has been triggered and appears in the parent individual, the gene will be carried down to their progeny, and then the likelihood of it being dormant or active is based upon the already discussed triggers.)

When one parent is Lukuo, the likelihood of a mutation appearing in progeny is generally fifty percent. "Normal" Pendragon parents of a Lukuo child are also likely to have further Lukuo children if they continue to procreate because their genes mix in such a way that they almost assuredly can be said to carry dormant Lukuo genes, and therefore the mixing of their genes will trigger the Lukuo genes to be active and appear in further progeny. And finally, the percentage of bearing a Lukuo child (showing a Lukuo trait) is much higher when both biological parents are Lukuo.

The exact percentage varies depending on the parent's mutations. If both parents carry a horn mutation, the child will almost definitely have horns. If one parent has two sets of arms, and the other has bone spikes along their spine, the likelihood of getting either is fifty percent each, with a smaller percentage in the child bearing both traits, but it is almost assured the child will receive at least one trait from their parents.

Some Lukuo pride themselves on certain traits and actively separate themselves from mainstream Pendragon society. They only marry and/or reproduce with other Lukuo sharing the same mutation they carry, to continue their clan or family's mutation indefinitely. Other Lukuo marry and reproduce freely among Lukuo and Pendragon alike, with no notion as to preserve a particular gene.

The current statisticians are unsure of how many Lukuo-Pendragon intermingling has gone on, which individuals carry what Lukuo gene recessively, and whether the intermingling of the closely related species will bring a decrease in the "pure" Pendragon species in the future.