Hart Demori

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Hart Demori
(Non-Player Character)
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Status: Living
Race: Lukuo
Date of Birth: 27° Tessera
Gender: Female
Family and Heritage
Genealogy: Demori
Mother: Callima Emor
Father: Sinister Emor
Siblings: Damila (66), Temor (30)
Significant Other: Malend (deceased)
Offspring: Stina (33), Glador (32), Malicint (32)
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Unknown

There is no creature from the deceased Earth that could describe Hart's appearance. Perhaps that is because she is a mixture of so many. Her head is like that of a coyote, with the slender snout, and blackened, leathery nose that were traits of earthen beast. Her eyes, on the other hand, are definitely feline, curved in shape with slanted pupils. One of her ears is floppy, the upper half falling down close to her eye, whereas the rest stands erect. It is like those of a feline, triangular, narrow, with a small tuft of fur at the tip. The other ear – the left – is more like that of a wolf, though slightly larger. Short bladed locks begin between her ears - very much like bangs - then, as the hair progresses down her neck, the hair starts to grow longer. The majority of the longer ones are tied in braids, to keep them out of her face, safely falling down her shoulders and ending at the middle of her forearms. She keeps the bangs clipped short to keep them out of her eyes. Both forelegs are muscular – but not bulkily so – and shaped like those of a "big cat" from earthen days, intended to latch on to – and, if possible, crush the neck of – prey. The wickedly curved claws hidden within further that idea, intended to clutch and penetrate, to rip and rend the flesh of other beasts.

The closest thing on Earth to Hart's body shape would be the jaguar, although she is slightly thinner, more intended for speed and a light amount of weight, than for bulk and muscle. Which is part of the reason that, while athletic and in shape, the she-'dragon is – and has never been – a bulky figure. That doesn't stop the slim stretch of muscle that tones her body from adding to intimidation, when needed. Some scars are faintly visible, but most are unseen, too small to be seen, or merely disappeared beneath her pelt. Her hindlegs are slightly longer then her forelegs, causing her hindquarters to be slightly lifted above the rest of her slender frame. Those back legs are shaped more like those of a cheetah, made for sprinting. Strangely, fully retractable claws also exist within the sheaths of those hindpaws, just like the forepaws. Instead of one tail, she has a pair of them. Both are thin, whiplike, like those of a domestic feline, except for the fact that they have tufts at the end of each.

In color, the majority of Hart's pelt is a ruddy brown, with inlaid symbols highlighted in electric purple. These various tattoos – which is what, in truth, they originally were, though now they have become permanent parts of her pelt – have meanings that are lost, even, for the most part, to Hart, since it was her murdered husband who had understood them. Most look like swirls, or twist around her frame in a strange, ancient pattern. Her eyes are the color of mercury, with a cool golden sunburst around the pupil. The tuft at the end of her left tail is earthen green, whereas the one on the right is a cool gray. Both have several signs on their upper half, like those on the rest of her body, except they are a cold silver, instead of purple like the rest.


While in the trappings of the Academy's principal, Hart is required to possess a certain sense of authority. Having studied, and lived among, military-stern pendragons for the majority of her life, the older she-dragon is rather good at it. With the hardened face of a weathered warrior that usually startles new students; she often pulls off a rather gruff exterior, when the need arises. Over all, though, she is rather kind to her students, only putting on the stiffened, strict mask of a disciplined warrior when the need arises. Which is rare, since her mere presence often quells any insubordinate actions. Despite the fact that she is rather soft-pawed towards the youngsters, they know not to push her the wrong way, too, since there are severe punishments for fights, and other sorts of mischief, that Hart enforces with the hardened heart of someone who has seen death, and doesn't tolerate disobedience. Everyone is treated equally, with slight differences between the punishments that adults receive, and younger students, according to their age. Despite her extreme administration duties, Hart also manages to run an evening self-defense class for those who tend to get picked on – or anyone else who cares to learn the basics of defense.

When she can drop the guise of a principal, this particular pendragon is a wise, wry older lady. Despite her age, that doesn't mean that this female has slowed down; in fact, if anything, she is livelier then the younger generation. She has to keep up with them at the Academy, after all. With a sense of humor, and a generally optimistic look at the world, she is a bright spot among so much sorrow. Always intent on keeping a conversation alive and well, she has many different topics that she has extensive knowledge about. Most of it is military knowledge, since her deceased husband – Malend – was a Master of that particular trade. Naturally, Tactics and Weaponry are also a pair of topics that she can speak about for hours. That isn't all, though, to the surprise of many. Since one of her hobbies is Astrology, and she is an avid writer and reader, a lot of philosophical knowledge is also present, as well as diverse views, and a heated love for debating. She'll debate about anything and everything, to a pendragon as old as she, or the newest, youngest student at her school. Even punishment is often debated with students, if they care to complain, until they are either convinced that they deserve the retribution, or have come up with – along with Hart's understanding and consent – a better alternative.

Another thing that couldn't be said about Hart would be that she has closed her mind to new opportunities, possibilities, and knowledge. Always ready to hear that she is wrong, knowing of her own lack of information only drives her to learn more. Which is another reason she loves the Academy, and does much of her Administration duties while sitting in the back of a crowded class, listening both to the teaching, and working on what is required of her. It is a contented existence, and one that the Principal wouldn't trade for the world.


Hart Demori is a capable adult and knows quite a few things besides her specified trades. Being a Principal, she tends to visit a variety of classes and learns whatever the students are learning on that particular day. She plays Kjett in her spare time and used to enjoy a good game of Jemdrull, though she hasn't played in a long time. She also has a fascination with learning the names of Ramath-lehi's many species of animals and has created a small book full of half-finished stories of her youth, as of yet unfinished due to her time consuming job at Janardan. She also quite enjoys studying Astronomy, though her time as of late has been too occupied to get too into this particular enjoyment.