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Ramathian chess.

Pieces per player:

  • Arch Magos (abbreviated: AM)
  • Arch Magosai (abbr.: AMai)
  • Spiritual Leader (abbr.: SL)
  • Warrior (abbr.: W)
  • Mountain (abbr.: M)
  • Pendragon (abbr.: P)

Game Set Up & Play

  • Khatt is a two-player game, played on a square board of 48 alternately colored squares. The pieces match the colored squares. (If the squares are black & white, the pieces are black for one player, and white for another player, etc)
  • The players pieces are set up on opposite ends of the 'field', with the more moveable pieces in the back, and the Pendragons on the row directly in front.
  • First player line set up goes as such: Mountain, Warrior, Spiritual Leader, Arch Magos, Arch Magosai, Spiritual Leader, Warrior, Mountain. The 8 Pendragons are on the row directly in front of the first line.
  • The Arch Magosai must ALWAYS start on her own color. And the Arch Magos and Arch Magosai must be exactly opposite the other player's Arch Magos and Arch Magosai.
  • To 'capture' a piece, you must land on the SAME square the opposite piece is. Pendragons capture differently from others, in they must move one square diagonally, landing on the opponent's square, to capture. They cannot capture moving forward.
  • To 'check' your opponent, you must put their Arch Magos in danger of his life. (One of your pieces must, in the very next move, be able to land on the Arch Magos' spot, and capture him.) 'Checkmate' is when the Arch Magos has either no where to escape your attack, and no other piece nearby to immediately attack your piece. Once checkmate has occurred, and the Arch Magos is captured, the game is over.
  • Movement in the game is recorded as what square the piece is moving too, and which piece is doing it. The squares are numbered left-to-right in numerical order on the first player's side. (1-8). From first player's side to the other player's side (bottom-top) the squares are numbered lettered in modern (A-H).
  • The board is split down the middle, and the pieces on the Arch Magosai's side are called her pieces. For example, the Arch Magosai side's Warrior would be abbreviated: AMai-W. Same for the Arch Magos' side. Pendragons are added to the abbreviation of the piece they started in front of. For example, the Arch Magos' side's Mountain's Pendragon would be: AM-M-P. So, if the Arch Magos' Pendragon were moving two space forward, the movement would be recorded as where they were when they began, what piece they are, and where they are going. For example, 4B AM-P 4D, means the pendragon started on square 4B, and is going to square 4D.

Piece Movement

  • Arch Magos: He may only move one square at a time, but in any direction. He cannot jump over another piece.
  • Arch Magosai: She may move any number of squares at a time, and in any direction. She cannot jump over another piece.
  • Spiritual Leader: They MUST stay on the same color square they started on. They can move any number of squares, but in only a diagonal direction. They cannot jump over another piece.
  • Warrior: They move 1 square over/up/down and 2 up/down/left/right. (It doesn't matter where they go on the board, but they make an L, or a backwards L, when they move.) Warriors can jump over other pieces.
  • Mountain: They move any number of pieces, but may only move in straight (horizontal/vertical) lines. They cannot jump over another piece.
  • Pendragon: They can ONLY move forward. On their very first move, they may move two squares forward. Every other move must only be one square at a time, and only forward. They cannot jump over other pieces.