Vivuli Jungle

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Vivuli Jungle
Country Swaraj
Type Jungle
Short Description Located right in the middle of Swaraj, close to the famous Janardan Academy.

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Spanning from central Swaraj to just before the Pwa Desert, Vivuli Jungle is renowned world wide for its density, mystery, intrigue, and sheer beauty. Sprouting up from the dew-moistened, emerald grass thrives a vast myriad of mesmerizing flora and fauna, and, with fresh water streams and lakes alike, trickling through certain parts, it is also near to the famous Janardan Academy.

This immense Jungle is definitely breath-taking; a sure honeymoon location for the newly wed, get-away for wild lovers, the unique motivation for artists yearning to truly express their inner souls, or that long-awaited rest stop for single traveller. No matter who traverses the refreshingly picturesque hills; no matter who races along the soft Jungle floor or soars over lush awning, guaranteed, their interest and curiosity will certainly be compelled to surface.

For all this, however, Vivuli Jungle holds some secrets that, perhaps, shouldn't be uncovered. Those which, perchance, should be left to lie untouched...