Pwa Desert

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Pwa Desert
Country Swaraj
Type Desert
Short Description A vast barren desert where very little life can be found. Home to a few elusive Anubi tribes.

The rolling dunes of sand that make up the vast Pwa Desert are home to very little in the way of life. The barren landscape and varying temperatures aren't exactly hospitable either. During the day the desert is like a furnace; the ground often too hot to walk upon. During the night, strong northern winds blow causing the temperatures to easily drop below zero. These same dry winds also tend to suck up any moisture that may have been missed by the fierce heat of the day. Overall, the only nice thing about the desert is leaving it.

Nicknamed "ice devil's keep" by some, the Pwa Desert's temperature can be extremely hot during the day and then later, when night falls, create intense cold. Any creature not adapted to the unfavorable conditions will quickly be killed. The blazing hot sands are notorious for presumably delivering justice to criminals who never returned from the desert - who thought that they could escape the government by hiding in the barren wasteland.

Pendragon's who have researched the rolling dunes using special life-support equipment have found two primary creatures: the Pschyro-Stalks and Thelsar Grubs. Although these are the only two known creatures which live in the desolate lands, there are rumors that other bizarre, rare, and undiscovered creatures which may exist in the large portion of the unexplored, arid land. These rumors spawn from a popular story. A pendragon scientist once claimed to have been researching the desert during the daytime when he spotted in the horizon, the very tiny outline of, what he described as, a four-limbed, bipedal type creature. The scientist claimed to have lost track of the creature when a dust storm picked up and forced him to retreat back to the safety of his camp. Most other scientists are skeptical about the story because no body knows who this "scientist" was who supposedly saw the creature. Furthermore, they add, scientists never enter the Pwa Desert alone, it is very dangerous to do so. However, despite skeptical remarks of any creature so developed living in such harsh conditions, there are other similar accounts from researchers who claimed to have seen, or heard something while in the Pwa Desert.

Noises in the Pwa Desert are indeed unusual, the only sounds heard are the sounds of the wind, when it kicks up, whistling along the sand. Because of the great velocity that the wind can gain in the wasteland, it is sometimes necessary to wear hearing protection, for the wind at great speeds, can create much noise. Some researchers admit that while working in the infertile land at night, they get an eerie sensation of being watched after the wind has died down and all is silent.

The duststorms of the Pwa Desert are just as bad, if not worse, than the temperature. A large duststorm can have winds blowing as hard as two-hundred miles and hour and can move thousands of tons of sand. If any creature were to stare into a dust storm, it would be blinded, if its vision was not seriously dampened.

The Pwa Desert is one of most unusual, and deadly places on the planet. No Ramathian should ever venture into this wasteland unless he has extraordinary control over the elements and can protect himself, or is with a well equipped team of researchers who know what they are doing.