The Watering Hole

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The Watering Hole
Country Swaraj
Type Restaurant/Bar
Short Description A desert themed restaurant with extremely skilled bartenders.

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The Watering Hole is a joint restaurant and bar. Despite its cheesy name, it is a very impressive facility. Its decor is fairly fancy, decorated with a beautiful desert oasis in mind. The barstools are upholstered in green velvet, and are made to appear as stubby cacti. Several artificial waterfalls trickle throughout the building, making a musical backdrop of noise. Meanwhile, the walls are sponge painted to emulate an adobe building. While this fanciful decorating is lovely in and of itself, The Watering Hole is more famous for its drinks. The bartenders there know every concoction under the sun, and if they fail to recognize a drink name, they consult their customer for ingredients, whip up the drink, anyway, and give it to the patron, on the house.