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Common Name: Bhim
National Motto: We are dust and shadow.
Demonym: Bhimite
Capital: Fhesakhugal
Largest City: Fhesakhugal
Official Languages Ramathian, Common
Currency: Bhijan
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Bhim is the natural meeting grounds for secret societies and all things related to the dark arts. Here deals are made, goods are traded, conspiracies are drawn out on knife-scarred tables, and blood wets open, trembling hands. Hardly a soul here can be trusted, but that doesn't stop anyone from getting their jobs done--and done right. Just be prepared to do some pretty outrageous favours. The locals live like wolves, out only for themselves (visitors, be warned). The youth grow up on a steady diet of petty crime--shoplifting, scams, graffiti, vandalism--and they practice it the way that others practice religion or sports. Through the battered century of police violence and underworld corruption, there has always been an undervoice that spoke through the gunfire and grime and that sometimes grows strong enough to merge with the battle sounds. This is the home for the struggle between the state and secret groups of insurgents--the anarchists, terrorists, assassins and revolutionaries who try to bring about apocalyptic change. The factory smoke here is the godhead of annihilation and ruin, long hours and poor pay and squats; whiskey-swigging dockworkers and shadowy smiles making the most forbidden of exchanges.


  • Fhesakhugal
  • Terhesia

Notable 'Dragons



  • 67,200
The Janhyul named themselves Bhimite royalty after eliminating other large families from the competition in the race to "own" Bhim. Their victory is tied to making back ground deals and knowing who to pay off when it was most effective. Their shady acquisition of the post and title is not the reason why they are hated nationwide hundreds of years after the power-shift. Those times of strategic maneuvers are recognized as the regular ways to do business in the country.
  • 41,300
A large incorporation of machina technology happened in Bhim as it provided easier and safer ways to continuing mining the resources in the West. At the time Bhim was ruled more by a growing trade economy than any ruling 'dragons
  • 10,000
The Sun Dynasty had beginners luck with gaining influence in Bhim. The political climate had recently collapsed on itself leaving the Bhimites vulnerable to a ruling force. While the first few thousands years went smoothly enough the population grew restless due to increased laws and restrictions. Things did not end well.
  • 0-7,000
While hardly noticeable in its' present state Bhim was a country that had a noticeable population size early on in Ramathian history. The country itself was fairly isolated, most of it's immigrants arriving from Mansukh via ocean transport. Small settlements and tribes quickly took form in the resource rich parts of the continent with a more nomadic life style appearing in the East. The settle communities were often at war with each other over land while the Easterners were able to mind their own business. What they couldn't foresee was the damage caused by over population in the East with the settled 'dragon populations slowly encroaching on the land to steal natural resources. With help from exploitation, erosion, a few years of terrible drought, and more difficult living conditions there was an exodus to the West. Leaving the East to turn itself into a nearly inhabitable swamp.



A large and excessively ornate gambling and sports establishment.
A large swamp, populated by many animals and plants.
A deadly but beautiful forest in Bhim where a lot of illegal business is conducted.
Smugglers and pirates, ahoy! This coastal city is full of action (and illegal merchandise).