Black Rune Casino

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Black Rune Casino
Country Bhim
Type Entertainment
Short Description A large and excessively ornate gambling and sports establishment.

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A large spire made of dark crystal is the namesake of this notorious underground casino deep within the swamps. Guards armed with the latest technology patrol the bazaar area, where merchants their wares freely in many of the stationed booths. The central plaza booths are the most expensive and most violently fought for.

Each lane (other than the south, which is the entrance) leads to a large lift lined by Frominia-laden tracks that suspend one to floating islands. Games are played on these islands, set motionless by wires on the ground and remaining suspended in the air by the unknown energies of the black matter.

Bars, exchange centers and eatery are common in each structure while a club is centred between all the isles. Elevators lead up to the battle arena of the casino, known as the Alta. The arena consists of a single, mesh-fenced sphere, suspended by wires, where dragons duke it out against each other for frame, personal reasons, or their life when they are in deep water with the casino. Spectators bet here for their own sadistic pleasure.