Terhesian Port

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Terhesian Port
Country Bhim
Type Port
Short Description Smugglers and pirates, ahoy! This coastal city is full of action (and illegal merchandise).

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Terhesia is a small port town off the southern coast of Bhim. To the casual passerby, this town seems to be the embodiment of coastal paradise. The beaches are covered with salt white sand and lapped by crystal clear waters. Various species of plants line the coasts and provide a comfortable shade even in the extreme heat of noon. Despite its beauty, there are no cruise liners that would ever pass by this stretch of beach. This town is, in fact, the unmarked corner stone of illegal import to Bhim by sea. Smugglers and pirates make berth here to unload their cargoes of stolen goods. It is the place where anyone can buy or sell anything with no questions asked.