Boreios Sudesha

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Boreios Sudesha
Common Name: Bori
National Motto: Let them hate, so long as they fear.
Demonym: Borian
Capital: Myokosha
Largest City:
Official Languages Ramathian, Common
Currency: Khasi
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The two countries of Boreios Sudesha and Notios Sudesha share a complex political history until the point of their current, permanent division as two distinct countries.


  • Myokosha
West of the Machina Ruins and East from Erugata
  • Lvisk
On the Southern most island of the country.
  • Onthaios
Below the Nyonge Mountain Range
  • Fheyri
Found on the island between Uhai Desert and the Nyonge Mountain Range
  • Erugata
Once the capital city of Boreios Sudesha
Went through a period of abandonment and ruin after being hit by one of the largest hurricanes Ramath-lehi has ever seen.
A coastal, fortified hill city at the entrance to the large gulf of Boreios Sudesha
An often fought over location when the country was at war due to it's easy to defend location
A noticeable mix of cultures and architecture are found here due to power often changing hands

Notable 'Dragons

News anchor on the top rated 28 hour news network of Ramath-lehi.
Mara is one of the most renown artists of the last 60 years. Having art shows in 8 of the 9 countries her style is relatable to people who know little about art and respected by the elite art crowd because of her tendency to push the limits using only traditional painting techniques.



  • 50,000
Relations, even while previously stressed and uncommon, became even worse between the Anubi populations and nearby desert cities when the magic-created virus ravaged the the Anubi population.
  • 41,239
Machina: From pollution to power. Warring between the Mahji and the Users that devastated Boreios Sudesha, causes the Machina Ruins.
  • 34,389
Erugata, the previous capital city of Boreios Sudesha was devastated by hurricane. Many lives were lost and most of the cityscape was ruined. After the tragedy there was no effort made to re-build the city until a century later.
  • 9,000-10,000
Often portrayed as the earliest struggles for power, the Amoretti waged a war to conquer Boreios Sudesha and Notios Sudesha with the goal of creating a large enough civilization to unite the remainder of the world. The conquest started in early 9,000 when the Amoretti were led by the two sons and a daughter of the recently deceased ruling couple. The borders of their previously settled city were pressed out to take over the land from the base of the Nyonge Mountain Range to where the peninsula begins to tapper inwards. By this point most surrounded cities and villages were acculturated to the dominant culture of the Amoretti. The take over was slow, the leadership grew to a 5 'dragon group calling themselves the Amoretti Crux and they knew they had to take their time. Leaders fell and were replaced, the plan lay dormant for some years but the Amoretti never gave up any land and over the next 1,000 years they claimed most of the continent. The reason for their downfall is under speculation, after a few lost battles at the South end of the continent many written records were destroyed and three of the member of the Amoretti Crux vanished. A few years later the Enubarr, a large building housing the physical records of each battle waged and each decision made was burnt to the ground, creating a large black hole in Amoretti history. To modern Ramathians the Amoretti are used as a story to caution 'dragons to never get to greedy. Very few historical remains are left of the once large civilization, it is speculated that the population they were unable to defeat at the South end of the continent worked hard to wipe the Amoretti from history after their downfall.



A densly populated area built into a rocky cliff along the ocean.
The remains of a city that was destroyed by war.
A very cold, slightly dry mountain range. Nonetheless, there are many caves with natural springs, and this place is home to a moderate population of Pendragons.
A sparsely populated desert. Here, the sky turns a pale yellow colour at sunset.