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Trade NameSummary
AcrobaticsThe ability to perform gymnastic feats requiring skillful control of the body with artistic dexterity.
ActingThe art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, films, commercials, etc.
AerobaticsThe ability to perform spectacular flying feats and maneuvers while in the air.
Animal BreedingAn involvement with the genetic understanding as well as the carrying-out of animal reproduction. Involves being knowledgeable on genes, pre and post natal care, and rearing of the offspring.
Animal HerdingThe ability to keep flock animals safe from harm by using staves, animals, or other means to keep them together. Also requires basic knowledge of herding area and its natural residents.
Animal TrainingBeing capable enough with animals to teach them tricks, useful acts, and proper behaviors.
ArcheryThe use of traditional bows and / or crossbows to shoot projectiles, the most common being arrows and bolts.
AssassinationExtensive knowledge of weapons and tactics used to kill others - usually persons in power - for money.
BribingThe art of persuading somebody with an offer, often something illegal, in hopes to get something in return.
CheatingThe art of misleading, eluding, or deceiving through trickery or swindling.
ClimbingThe act of climbing (ascending mountains, buildings, etc.) as either an activity, job, or sport.
Con ArtistryThe art of exploiting or swindling the confidence of another.
CookingThe often innate but likewise as often learned ability to either mix ingredients from scratch, or else a recipe, to concoct foods, drinks, and other gourmet artistry.
DancingThe art of using body movement to show emotions, stories, thoughts, etc as of form of expression.
ElectricianAn occupation that deals with the repair or installation of electrical fixtures.
EmbalmingThe art of preparing the deceased for burial.
Escape ArtistryThe ability to break loose from confinement, no matter the situation.
FightingThe art of combat. Fighting has various forms and styles. Some forms deal with expertise with a particular weapon, whereas others deal with the body as one's only defence.
FishingThe ability to use hooks, snares, baits, and nets in order to catch fish. This trade requires ultimate patience.
FlyingThe ability to use one's birth-given wings in order to commandeer the sky and its different winds and drafts, in order to stay aloft as a form of transportation.
ForgeryThe art of copying another's handwriting and falsely or fraudulently making or altering a document.
Funeral DirectingA funeral director (also known as a mortician or undertaker) is someone involved in the business of funeral rites. The job often entails the burial or cremation of the dead, as well as the planning and arrangement of the actual funeral ceremony.
HarvestingThe study of how to plant, nurture, grow, and then collect crops such as fruits or vegetables.
HuntingThe study of the many methods of tracking down and killing prey, including on both land and sea. Involves needing knowledge of tracking.
Illegal ArtistryThe art of attempting (though not always succeeding) in all matters that are considered illegal or immoral, whether it be trafficking illegal goods, services, or other deeds that are barred by society.
InterrogationThe fine art of questioning potential culprits about a crime.
Jemdrull Strategy
LeadershipThe study of how to be charismatic, confident, and otherwise leaderlike.
Lock PickingThe art of using tools, or bare hands, in order to unfasten locks and other obstacles.
Menlo Strategy
NavigatingThe ability to find one's way using maps and keys, including things as primitive as the stars or a compass, or as advanced as technological navigational systems.
Physical EducationEducation in the care of the body, including athletics and hygiene.
PilotingThe ability to fly and take command of a space machine.
PlumbingThe art of creating, cleaning, and repairing subterranean piping, as well as maintaining drainage and sewage systems, as well as septic tanks.
RunningThe ability to transport self via only the legs, and to excel at this subtle physical art.
SeductionThe art of drawing sexual attention to oneself and making it the victims' sole focus, so that advantage can be taken.
SingingThe ability to use ones voice in a musical manner to produce songs out of words and sounds.
SpyingThe art of collecting information elusively, without revealing oneself.
SwimmingThe acquiring of skills such as underwater agility, lung capacity and stamina, different swimming styles, and even learning how to lead an aquatic lifestyle.
TacticsA person who is adept in planning tactics, the art or science of disposing military or naval forces for battle and maneuvering them in battle.
TaxidermyThe ability to stuff and prepare dead animal skins so that they appear lifelike.
TrackingThe art of following a chosen prey or quarry without being caught or identified, using simple methods, such as olfactory tracking, as well as more technological utensils, such as computerized, heat-seeking devices and the like.
TrappingA person who is excellent at setting and using traps for catching game or other animals.
WeaponryA person skilled in the invention and production of weapons, but not always necessary proficient at wielding them.