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Trade NameSummary
AerokinesisThe ability to manipulate air with one's mind.
Archon and Light Lore
BiokinesisThe manipulation of land and small living organisms with one's mind (trees, land, grass, bugs, etc.).
CryokinesisThe ability to conjure and manipulate water in all of its forms (ice, steam, etc.) with one's mind.
Daemon and Darkness Lore
Dark Sorcery
Dream WeavingThe magic in interfere, transform or even create dreams.
ElectrokinesisThe ability to conjure and manipulate electricity with one's mind.
Elemental Kinesis
Elemental SorceryThe ability to manipulate the elements (fire, air, water, and earth) using words or short incantations. A verbal form of magic.
Elemental SummoningThe ability to summon short-lived elemental creatures (fire, air, water, and earth) from Fronima using incantations, gestures, or spells.
EnchantingA character born or practiced in the art of enchanting items with magical properties.
HealingThe art of using medicinal practice and knowledge in order to treat everything from simple physical cuts and bruises to worse injuries, including those of the emotional and mental persuasion.
HypnotismThe art of entrancing another in order to rid of bad habits, or else to accomplish some other mental quest.
IllusionThe magic-based ability to create semi-materialistic images through the projection of one's thoughts.
Inner Sight
NecromancyThe illegal art of reanimating and commanding deceased bodies to do one's bidding.
PyrokinesisThe ability to conjure and manipulate fire plus create friction (heat) with one's mind.
ShapeshiftingThe art of mutating from one form to another, or of changing sizes and substances, which takes considerable knowledge and skill.
Sightless FightingThe ability to fight blindly without the use of one's eyes. Sightless Fighting can be further divided into two categories: Physical, where the fighter actually uses their own body to inflict harm, and Mental, where the fighter uses their mind to inflict harm.
TelekinesisThe ability to move and manipulate objects with one's mind using kinetic energy.
TelepathyThe ability to communicate fluently via mind speech.