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Trade NameSummary
ArchitectureThe study of design and building, including the mathematic analysis of materials and other criteria needed to erect a successful structure.
CartographyThe art or technique of making maps or charts.
CosmeticsThe art of applying make-up in order to improve appearances.
CraftingThe art of constructing pieces out of scrap materials, such as wood, paper, or other odds and ends.
DraftingThe art of designing machines and machina through delicate sketches and maps.
DrawingThe ability to use one's hands in order to create art with pencil and paper media.
Fashion DesignThe art of designing and using materials in order to create all kinds of clothing.
FilmmakingA producer or director of motion pictures, especially one working in all phases of production.
Hair StylingThe art of designing styles for hair, whether for formal or casual occasions.
JewelleryAnything and everything have to do with the designing, selling, and trading of fine jewels which can be worn as bodily ornamentation.
LandsculptingThe art of designing external spaces so that they are either aesthetically pleasing and/or functional.
MusicA person who makes music a profession, esp. as a performer of music. Or any person, whether professional or not, skilled in music.
PaintingThe art of putting paint on some type of media to depict feelings or objects in life; creating paintings.
PhotographyThe art of using a camera to capture a moment, scene, or feeling. Requires one to learn how to properly utilize lighting, angle, space, etc.
SculptingTo shape, mold, or fashion an object, especially with artistry or precision.
SmithingThe art of working or forging metals into any desired shape. Master metal smiths can also use magic in conjunction with their practice order to create magic infused objects.
Tattoo ArtistryThe study of ink and design, as well as other forms of tattooing (burning, for example), and the ability to apply that knowledge to giving others identifying marks on the skin.
WeavingThe ability to interlace threads using tools or machines to make cloth.