Dekhar Arts

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Whoever said that mages cannot be warriors is a fool.
--Widely attributed to Tier'gan Rovzakla, founder of the Lakrathsir school

Magic and martial arts are not mutually exclusive; there are a number of schools that blend the two in some way, shape or form. These are collectively referred to as the dekhar arts, after Fiddekh, the Tanalist goddess of war.

Dekhar art schools

  • Lakrathsir: One of the oldest surviving dekhar arts, founded by Tier'gan Rovzakla. Rovzakla used an innovative form of Elemental Sorcery to channel elemental magic through her sword; with simple command words she could set the blade on fire, coat it with ice, make it crackle with lightning, alter the metal it was made out of, or make it swing effortlessly through the air. Today, practitioners of this school can apply this method to various weapons, focus on a singular element, or stay true to Rovzakla's original teachings.
  • Dhystlen: If Telekinesis is control over kinetic force, then logically a telekinetic would be able to alter the force of an attack. This is the basic idea behind Dhystlen, which uses telekinesis to augment (or weaken) the user's unarmed strikes; be it through making a bite hit with more force, concentrating the power of a kick into a single small point, or even using a punching motion to hit someone from a distance. The name is a corruption of the Ramathian dhyts lenr or "ghost limb".