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Race: Pendragon
Social Class: Upper Class
Origin: Ajita
Location: Ajita
Total: 3
Living: 1


Known as the Mahji-Grader family in official documentation and Grader in the local vernacular. The Graders are an ancient and noble bloodline. Their lineage may be traced back hundreds of centuries. They have always been a very prolific family in regards to both planetary political matters and all things relating to Fronima, and have been the ruling royal family of Ramath-lehi on numerous occasions.

Many formidable mages have belonged to the Grader family, and their natural ties to Fronima are undeniably strong. Their Fronima advancements are unparalleled by any other Ramathian family. The Graders are often credited for having "tamed" Fronima and channelling it into the widely popular and useable form of magicka.

Defining Characteristics

  • Noble bloodline
    • Were considered a completely "pure" and untainted noble Pendragon bloodline until the hatching of Koani Grader who displayed the Lukuo mutation
  • Usually have pelts that are in cooler colour ranges, such as blue, green, and violet
  • Predominantly orange, pale green, or pale blue eyes
  • Often have blue blood
  • Are almost always incredibly adept with Magic, as they have strong ties to Fronima
  • Being Graded by a Grader is considered one of the greatest honours on Ramath-lehi
  • Are tied to many Ramathian conspiracies
    • The vague knowledge of which has spawned the phrase A Grader's Way, which means "to die suddenly and/or by possible conspiracy"
  • Are often portrayed as being untrustworthy, despite no substantial evidence


Characters belonging and/or tightly associated to the Grader family.

Karryasa GraderDeceasedNon-Player CharacterPendragonFemale
Koani GraderLivingPlayer CharacterLukuoFemale
Zamfir GraderDeceasedPlayer CharacterPendragonMale

Family Tree

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Influence and Influences

  • Gradre A type of Apllea fruit.
  • Grading The system of being ranked or "graded" as a mark of great achievement.
  • A Grader's Way Phrase. To die suddenly and/or by possible conspiracy.

Notable Figures

Influential Trades

Members of the Grader family throughout history have contributed significant advancements to the following trades: