Zamfir Grader

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(Player Character)
Zamfir Grader
Status: Deceased
Race: Pendragon
Date of Birth: Tessera 50, 81273
Gender: Male
Family and Heritage
Genealogy: Grader
Mother: Jhau Kirala Kuba-Pfallaj-Grader
Father: Sena'kuskhaj
Siblings: Lakmir Grader
Significant Other: Karryasa Grader
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Unknown

Zamfir Grader (Tessera 50, 81273 – Mia 22, 81380) was the reigning Arch Magos of Ramath-lehi between the years 81343 and 81380. Zamfir came from the noble Grader family – a wealthy and powerful line of mages. His control over Fronima was a highly commendable one. Known for his strength and strong leadership skills, Zamfir only wanted the best for Ramath-lehi. His accomplishments were many and it can certainly be said that he made countless improvements to the planet.

When Karryasa passed on, Zamfir suffered the news horribly. Distraught, the Arch Magos inflicted wounds upon himself. Shortly after he was subdued and put into a special care facility on Ajita. His condition is said to have gotten progressively worse. Overcome with grief on Mia 22, 81380, Zamfir suffered a fatal heart attack, or as some would say, he died of a broken heart.

Physical Description

Zamfir is a huge heavy-set pendragon. Having earned the title of Arch Magos rather respectively (though some would beg to differ). His build is a lot like that of an Earthen tiger, very strong in the paws and body. His pelt is of a deep mysterious blue, fringed with darker blue around his neck where it grows thickly as a protective mane. His bladed hair is very long and is a lovely aqua colour tainted with some hints of turquoise. It rises up in dangerous spikes and travels along his back. He wears a golden pendant on a wide black band around his neck and orange and yellow coloured wrist cuffs. His eyes are a curious shade of orange, the complementary colour of his pelt. A crescent moon shape covers his left eye and his symbol bears another crescent accompanied by a five pointed star. The oddest feature of this pendragon would be his tail; it burns the same colours as his hair, aqua and blue.


Zamfir is the more reserved leader of the Grader pair. He likes to let his co-leader and mate, Karryasa, do most of the talking while he looks after her with a watchful eye. He is really fierce when it comes to defending her, but has learnt to ease up over the years... since Karryasa has developed ways of protecting herself despite her obvious complications and physical impairments. Karryasa may be the more mysterious of the two, but Zamfir makes up for that in his shady ways. He likes to sneak around, disguised as a local creature just to get drop in and listen in on random conversations. Usually he is the one that makes sure that the Grader name is set permanently in stone. Despite his questionable ways, he's a great asset to have... well, that is, if you decide to trust the words of a Grader.


Not much is known about Zamfir's upbringing, but what is known is vital to his position today. His parents were both well learned mages, passing their phenomenal traits for magic and its manipulation into their offspring. Back when the Dragyn's reigned, it was very clear that Zamfir was quite unhappy. So no one was really surprised when a severe "accident" befell the beloved Dragyn clan and the former Arch Magos and Magosai perished. Still some loose ends are to be tied up concerning that... but they will all come in time. It's also been rumoured that Zamfir has killed some of his offspring, deeming them unworthy... yet he has eleven healthy children. So you are to be the judge on this one. Whether everything said about him be a rumour or not, one thing is for sure, he will never let the Grader name slip from power easily.