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My faith heals.
Race: Pendragon
Social Class: Upper Class
Origin: Mansukh
Location: Mansukh
Total: 0
Living: 0


All about the Sun family.

Defining Characteristics

  • Are practitioners of the Tanalism religion.
  • Have a long history of Archon and Light Lore.
  • Are often magical healers, paladins, teachers, and inventors.
  • Have an everlasting blood feud with the Woeasvluna family. The Woeasvluna are nearly entirely wiped out as a result.
  • Have a lot of ancient weaponry that is imbued with magic and are considered to be relics.
  • Have an enormous family mansion in Dominura, Mansukh.


Characters belonging and/or tightly associated to the Sun family.

Family Tree

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Influence and Influences

  • Are one of the oldest known Pendragon families.
  • Have been around since the inception of the Council of Twelve as one of its founding families.