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Blood is Binding
Race: Khell
Social Class: Upper Class
Origin: Adamann, Trilok
Location: Trilok
Total: 2
Living: 1


The Adamaints has been around for millennia and is often the first family that comes to mind when people think about technology. The Adamaints have always been on the forefront of discovery and innovation. They were one of the twelve noble families that had their name and insignia inscribed on the monolithic Council of Twelve table. Their history is a very long, sometimes strange, and terrifying one. The Adamaints are often seen as being rather eccentric and rather morally ambiguous. They have often done horrific things in the “name or science” or simply to “see what happens.” This has made maintaining friendship and peace with them over the years very stressful and in some situations, outright impossible.

Unfortunately due to their technologically advanced nature, if you were happen to be offended by them, it wasn’t usually something that you made publicly known. While the Adamaints are not generally vengeful, they do take pride in their work. It wasn’t unheard of them to dispose of Ramathians who openly were against things that they did in very creative ways. Out of the Council of Twelve families, the one that the Adamaints are most closely tied to are the Dragyns. They have had a mutually beneficial relationship for a really long time. The Adamaints rely on the Dragyns to do carry out scientific missions for them, and the Dragyns rely on the Adamaint’s machina and space technology. It has proven to be a very steadfast relationship, and the two families seem to have very strong bond.

A lot of tension exists between the Graders and the Adamaints. The Graders have repeatedly shut down Adamaint operations over the years for being “unsafe,” or “unethical.” The Adamaints of course have taken offence to these accusations, but have always complied with the Grader’s demands. However it is very likely that the Adamaints harbour a lot of resentment for those experiments that were never allowed to see the light of day, or were shut down in infancy. In recent years, Koani Grader removed Talis Adamaint from his position on the Council. While Talis appeared to have taken this lightly, there are many who are simply waiting to see what will become of Koani.

Defining Characteristics

  • Noble bloodline
  • Usually Lawful Evil or Lawful Neutral in nature
  • Highly intelligent, motivated, and calculative
  • Known for their vast wealth of knowledge and innovation regarding Machina Technology
  • Have been known to perform services for "free" in order to get fellow Ramathians indebted to them
  • Often get clients to sign contracts with blood
  • Have a general dislike for authority
  • Can be eccentric, evasive, and introverted


Characters belonging and/or tightly associated to the Adamaint family.

Lorkhos AdamaintDeceasedNon-Player CharacterKhellMale
Talis AdamaintLivingNon-Player CharacterKhellMale

Family Tree

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