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Common Name: Ajita
National Motto: Always go forth.
Demonym: Ajitian
Capital: Pealagi
Largest City: Pealagi
Official Languages Ramathian, Common
Currency: Khasi

For millennia Ajita has floated in the skies of Ramath-lehi. In the past, it used to regularly make trips around the world, never staying in the same place for more than a week at a time. The Magos and Magosai felt that this was a great way to foster a sense of community (or a sense of fear in a “we are always watching you” sense), and to ensure that their presence was one that was always felt. Despite the fact that Ajita has propulsion systems, these days it almost always stays still, situating itself between Bhim, Aurius, and Mansukh, where it was first born out of the ground. It was felt that moving the floating island around all of the time was too distressing for the inhabitants of Ramath-lehi, and that it could be very disruptive.

Ajita has always been a place of magic. It shares an affinity for Fronima just like its land-bound counterpart, Mansukh. Many special ceremonies are held on Ajita because it is believed that the ground is sacred. Many Ramathians simply visit Ajita in order to watch the large flocks of beautiful Sharrathi flying around, as they are said to be really good source of inspiration. Many have attributed their success with the arts to a Sharrath.

Being so high in the sky, Ajita has gained a very standoffish and untouchable reputation. Its residents are often comprised of only the most affluent and popular of Ramathian society. It is also where there is a lot of “old money” as a lot of the older Ramathian families have vast estates that their offspring continuously inherits.

Ajita is also a place that is rich in arts and culture. The country devotes a lot of its wealth to promoting Ramathian artists and further enhancing the culture of the planet Ramath-lehi as a whole. It is not unheard of for Ajitians to fund arts programs in other countries, or to devote time and efforts to this individual causes.

Ajita's exterior on a warm dyo night. Two of three Ramathian moons are also visible.


  • Pealagi
Largest city
Location of the Council Chamber.
  • Aardeleid
Dense residential area in Ajita's inner core.
  • Vehklemine
Sprawling residential area. Location of the Grader Manor.
  • Loikaja
Warehouse district. Located on the west side of Ajita.
  • Tarkus
Home of the USR headquarters, Ramath-lehi's largest military base.

Notable 'Dragons



The Flux

During the Flux, Ajita was undoubtably the country that suffered the most. Fortunately it was also the country that had the means to “bounce back” as quickly as it did. The lands of Ajita were absolutely devastated by the earthquakes that ensued when the entire continent threatened to fall and drop into the ocean. 60,000 Ramathians died and another 200,000 were injured on Ajita during the Flux-induced earthquakes. A few organizations banded together (such as DFARA) in order to clean up the mess and start reconstructing. This of course led to a lot of controversy, as some Ramathians, begrudgingly felt that no one should help Ajita, and that they should work on the rebuilding efforts in solitude. Fortunately this was not an attitude that was held by many, and so help was sent. The assistance that Ajita got was very well-received, and many Ajitians still sing the praises of their saviours. There are of course some who would like to forget that the catastrophe never even happened.

  • 81,387
Residents of Ajita are finally allowed to return to their homes after the entire continent was evacuated to Mansukh. Much debris still remains, but the floating continent is deemed stable as clean-up crews continue to work around the clock.
  • 81,383
Ramath-lehi falls into turmoil as Fronima is thrown into chaos due to the alignment of Ramath-lehi's triple moons. An estimated 60,000 citizens on Ajita die due to earthquakes as the floating continent threatened to fall into the ocean (Tessera 12).
  • 81,380
Arch Magos Zamfir Grader dies, once year after the disappearance of Arch Magosai Karryasa Grader. Shortly afterwards, their daughter Koani founds the Council of Thirteen, and they become the new rulers of Ramath-lehi.
  • 70,023
Council of Twelve formed by a group of twelve elder Pendragon families, the most notable being the Suns, Dragyns, and the Mahji-Graders. While it gives the outward appearance of a democracy, the Mahji-Graders remain in complete control.



The large building where the Council of Thirteen currently meets.
An upscale restaurant that specializes in rare seafood delicacies.