Council Chamber

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Council Chamber
Country Ajita
Type Meeting Area
Short Description The large building where the Council of Thirteen currently meets.

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With a floor of gray marble and walls draped in dark purple, the Council Chamber is poorly lit.

On the second day of every quarter, the Council of Thirteen assembles here in order to discuss current events on Ramath-lehi and decide upon courses of action.

Council Table

In the center of the room is a long rectangular table made out of Fronimium, ink-black and polished to a shine so bright one can see their reflection in it. This table, held up by four sturdy and decorated legs, is engraved with the names and crests of many important Ramathian families. Like many of the Grader's relics, the council table is enchanted with magic. It recognizes and responds to descendants of the twelve bloodlines it was infused with when it was first created in 70,023.

Although the council positions have changed over time, the family crests remain steadfast in the following positions:

x Council Table Relic Seneca
x x
Sun x
x x
x Adamaint