Rloa Kumiym

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Rloa Kumiym
Country Ajita
Type Restaurant
Short Description An upscale restaurant that specializes in rare seafood delicacies.

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The doors to this upscale Ajita restaurant are shaded by an awning, on which the words "Rloa Kumiym" are sewn. It is an extremely high-end place, specializing in rare seafood delicacies. The interior is a soft palette of bold colours, and there is a large, circular bar in the centre. There is a reserved section, in which famous figures can often be found dining. At the entrance, two ushers are stationed, very posh ardens whom will gracefully guide the patrons to their tables.

Notable Events

  • Dyo 46, 81379: Riot Stormwing brutally assaulted Koani Grader, claiming injustice. The issue was quickly resolved (with both involved parties suffering injuries), however no innocent civilians were harmed. Due to extensive damage done to the Rloa Kumiym during the brawl, the restaurant underwent a few minor renovations (its blue carpeting is now an even brighter blue!).