Talis Adamaint

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Talis Adamaint
(Non-Player Character)
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Status: Living
Race: Khell
Gender: Male
Family and Heritage
Genealogy: Adamaint
Birthplace: Trilok
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Significant Other: Single
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Unknown

Known widely for his machina inventions and teleportation innovations, Talis is a leading inventor on Ramath-lehi. While his interest in machina is vast, his true expertise lies within creating life-like magicka-powered machina prosthetics for Pendragons who would otherwise be disabled. The price for such custom tailored machina is exceedingly high, however Talis has been known to give potential clients deals, as well as trade services for other goods and sometimes even a simple favour or two.

Talis is an heir to the entire Adamaint Empire, and as such, he has a lot of wealth at his disposal. He can often be found lurking around the Neurotech Research Facility.