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Bestseller of the year about a Bounty Hunter turned gardener who cannot escape his old life.
  • U Fempyf't Guma (81349). Kjoz.
Erotic fiction.
Action novel for mature readers going through their rebellious phases. A tale about a former drug addict's struggle for acceptance in the eyes of his elders
A novelization of the legend of Warlord Nuji Kaztohaat. Widely regarded as one of the definitive "modern" versions of the story.
A satire on Ajitian society, told through the point of view of, appropriately enough, a rich thill.
A humorous novel about a brotherly rivalry between two aristocrats, taken to ridiculous, over-the-top extremes. Described by a critic as "[thriving] on refuge in sheer audacity", which is a major part of its appeal.
  • The Traitor's Call (81383). Zidan.
A trilogy of a young Yki becoming involved in a vast plot to incite massacre and chaos around the globe.
A horror story about an old mansion recently converted into a Club. The story follows a dead Anubi who gets rid of the club-goers in the name of reclaiming his ancestral home.
A romantic/erotic novel about how a handsome Anubi from one of the ancient bloodlines and a sexy Yki whos entire clan is against inter-species romance found love and acceptance.


Biography of the poet Salazin Karos. Notably biased against the Dragyns.
The autobiography of Oumha Kertia, written two years before he died.
A definitive biography about The Invaders lead singer, Krike Savage.
Biography of superstar musician Craggy D. Drack, from birth to death.


(The Vengeance, The Redemption, The Armageddon)
The official novelisations of the third, fourth and fifth entries in the AR Mage Duels game series. Criticised for having an unsympathetic protagonist and changing certain aspects of the plot.

Graphic Novels

Dark young adult science fiction/fantasy graphic novel series.
A weekly comic that ran for three months before being canceled.
A graphic novel series with a complex plot, and anthropomorphic versions of Ramathian animals as characters.
Historical fiction graphic novel, focusing on a conflict between the two halves of the Sudesha continent. This has been adapted into a film.

Hatchling Lit.

An illustrated novel following a group of A'khers and their Audlakhs, told from the point of view of the animals.
An illustrated novel told from the point of view of a Tmyfrommi. Rumoured to have been co-written by a Tmyfrommi that the main character was based on, but the author denies this.
An illustrated novel which follows the unlikely friendship between a Korad and a Sagnarir. This book has been adapted into a film.


An illustrated guide to the heroes of Ramathian mythology and legend.
An in-depth look into the mythos surrounding Warlord Nuji Kaztohaat, as well as the history of the era he lived in and popular theories about who he truly was.
A standard school-issued History text book detailing the series of events that led to the creation of the Machina Ruins.
An in-depth look at the history of Cronvint. Criticised for having a strong pro-Grader bias.
An introduction to Skengilo Kluf, a martial art developed by a Feydragon clan to use against larger opponents.
Basic Introductory book to the Laws of Magic and their basic principles.
An in depth, highly educational and intriguing text that looks at the important years surrounding the transition from the Dragyn Dynasty into the Grader Dynasty.


  • The Cronvint Times.
A daily newspaper printed and sold in Cronvint, Trilok.
  • Janardan Academy Newsletter.
The newsletter of the Janardan Academy.
  • The Janardan Daily.
A daily newspaper printed and sold in Janardan, Swaraj.
  • The Vehklemine Reader.
A literary magazine. Originated in Vehklemine, Ajita.