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Infinite possibilities. Zero risk to your well-being.
--One of the taglines used while advertising AR Mage Duels: Spellcrafter

AR Mage Duels is a long-running franchise of Augmented Reality games, with the core concept of simulating mage duels in a virtual setting. They are currently created and published by Black Skrud Entertainment.

List of games

  • AR Mage Duels: The first game in the series.
  • AR Mage Duels II
  • AR Mage Duels III: The Vengeance: The third game in the series, and the first to have a single-player storyline.
  • AR Mage Duels IV: The Redemption
  • AR Mage Duels V: The Armageddon
  • AR Mage Duels: Spellcrafter: The sixth game in the series, and still the most popular by far. This is mostly due to the Spellcrafter Construction Kit, which allows game modding and came with the game itself. Indeed, one could argue it was half the point of the whole thing.
  • AR Mage Duels: Worldcrafter: The seventh game in the series. Didn't do as well as Spellcrafter, but it was a tough act to follow anyway.
  • AR Mage Adventures: A spinoff which could essentially be called a virtual reality RPG.

As of 81384, Black Skrud Entertainment are working on AR Mage Adventures II: The Undying.