Menlo Competitions Corporation

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Menlo Competitions Corporation
Country Notios Sudesha
Type Building Compound
Short Description The headquarters of the MCC, and the finest Menlo arena ever constructed.

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The Menlo Competitions Corporation (MCC) headquarters lies somewhere in the southern most part of Chafuo. The MCC certainly does its part to attract the tourism in this area. The main building of the MCC is a glass and metal architectural wonder. The building itself is not large - it covers less ground than the Janardan Academy and extends only about five floors up. The bulk of the building is built underground. The upper levels are reserved for the museum, gift shops, and offices, the highest of these office levels being occupied by Serin Menlo himself. The underground sections are the laboratory and testing areas and are strictly off limits to visitors.

Directly beside the main building (to the south) is the finest Menlo arena ever constructed. It easily seats up to 13,000 spectators. In the center is a large glass cube that the virtual world can be viewed in. High up, on either side of the box are the platforms that the players are seated on. Behind each player, above the stands, is a large screen that shows highlights and close-ups of the match.

Around the back of the building are a series of much smaller and enclosed arenas labeled one to ten. These are for public use, though it is required to go to the front desk of the main building to request the use of an arena (the secretary at the front will unlock a room for you). This is simply to keep track of the player and to ensure no one steals or tampers with the MCC equipment.

Each arena, or more appropriately playing field is enclosed by a building for privacy. It is possible for non-players to watch the match from outside the virtual world but the quality of viewing is very poor, because of the lack of corresponding space ratios. Each playing room has enough equipment to support the play of up to 6 players. The equipment is not state-of-the-art, but it is updated enough to still be in use. This is mainly to prevent the attempt of theft. If a player so wished they could bring in their own equipment and set it up for use instead of the equipment already provided.